Polynesian Islander Festival

Sunday, September 28, 2008


PIFA (Pacific Islander Festival) is in full swing! Mel Zamora of the Prison Ministry has been invited back to give the Sunday service at PIFA 2008 this year on Sept 28th. Mel and several of the other prison ministry leaders will make up a PIFA team. This is a HUGE secular event with about 20,000 people coming through and the prison ministry wants to represent Jesus Christ and the Rock Church in an organized and effective way! The prison ministry has invited the Hula Ministry to help and become part of the PIFA team and Verna (Hula ministry leader is very excited to get involved with us); and with Mark Richardsons help looking into co-laboring with other ministries at The Rock as well.  We are looking for volunteers and if  interested email [email protected]


Sunday · September 28, 2008

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