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Thursday, September 25, 2008



Have you ever wanted to change the world? I dont know about you, but sometimes I wonder what kind of lasting influence or legacy that Ill leave behind.

Right now the Church of Jesus Christ is entering one of the greatest cultural wars in its 2000 years of existence. Thats where you come in. It may be easier than you think to leave a lasting legacy of influence that will change history.

If you have a DVD player and a willingness to invite a few friends and host some people from the Rock, youre qualified to facilitate one of our iProtect groups. Each host will choose one of our video-based curriculums taught by Chip Ingram which will provide the biblical teaching and will coach you through the facilitation process and provide tips on how to keep the group fun and exciting, while making a lasting impact on peoples lives.

One things for sure, every Christian needs a spiritual family, a place where they can feel safe and know and be known by others. Every member of the Rock needs a family that cares, and place where they can be prayed for, a place where they can pray for others.

At this point you may be wondering, If I decided to open my home how long of a commitment are you asking for? Well, Im so glad you asked! Were asking for a 6-8 week commitment. When your commitment is over, well ask each host to personally decide if they want to continue the community or maybe ask someone in the group if they would be willing to step up and host or your group may even disband. Honestly, well be grateful for any commitment that you are willing to make. Right now we're praying that you are feeling a tug on your heart by the Lord to at least pray about your participation.

We want you to make an informed decision, so we have designed an hour long training session to help you investigate and feel equipped to step out into this ministry. At this session well try to answer all your questions, preview for you your curriculum options, and really show you how rewarding hosting a group of friends in your home with a spiritual purpose can be.

Here are the dates and times for our host home trainings. You may attend any training date you wish. Before attending, please register below.

  • Sunday, September 14, 23 PM in Room 235, Rock Church
  • Thursday, September 18, 78 PM in Room 235 Rock Church
  • Sunday, September 21, 23 PM in Room 235, Rock Church
  • Thursday. September 25, 7-8 PM in Room 235, Rock Church
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Thursday · September 25, 2008
7 - 8 PM
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