LOCATION CHANGE - Intermediate/Advanced XC Only! – Anderson Truck Trail

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Hello RockMTB, Due to the large amount of snow and rain, we are NOT riding Lake Morena this weekend. It is full of clay and takes forever to dry out. Instead, well be doing Anderson Truck Trail! Anderson Truck Trail Intermediate/Advanced XC Only! 8+ miles and 1,300 December 20th Arrive at 8:30, Ride at 8:45

Anderson Truck Trail is actually two trails in one. It is for those who love to shuttle with awesome technical DH and for those who love to climb AND downhill. This ride is for those who LOVE TO CLIMB!!! Therefore this is a ride ONLY for strong climbers! If you have a heavy gravity sled, please do not go on this ride.


We start out under the bridge and ride the road to the top of a hill.  From there we hit singletrack that is mostly downhill for a mile of so. The trail crosses a seasonal creek and eventually opens up with views of the San Vicente Reservoir. It is here that the LONG CLIMBING starts!!! The climb is arduous going up, up, up over rocks, ruts, and washouts on the old Anderson Truck Road. It takes roughly 25-30 minutes of climbing to the top nonstop - much technical. The whole climb has spectacular scenery with views everywhere. At the top are the four corners and location of our devo.


After the devo we may split up the group, for those wishing to continue to World Cup (and technical riding). WC has the most technical singletrack around and the playground of the DH shuttle groups. The climb is up fireroad, and very technical singletrack down - not suited for XC Bikes (though sections can be walked).


For those wishing to eliminate World Cup, its time to blast down the trail! The ride is intense with drop-offs everywhere. One wrong turn and you literally could fly off the edge. Its awesome and one of my all time favorite local trails. Once the trail goes back up, its a 10-15 minute spin back to the car.


The best thing about Anderson is the time. Ill typically do ATT (minus World Cup) in about 1 + hours. With the group and devo, figure 1 ½ to 2 hours, getting you back around 10:30 (leaving the rest of the day free). For those continuing to WC, figure 2 to 2 ½ hours.


What to bring:

·         Helmet-mandatory

·         Gloves

·         NO PADS!!! If you are thinking of bringing pads, then you most likely are on the wrong ride. Pads are (typically) for shuttles and not climbing.

·         Water

·         Food

·         Prayer



ATT is roughly 20 minutes from I-8 and College Avenue (SDSU).

·         From I-8 go East towards Alpine. Take the Dunbar Exit which is a few miles BEFORE Alpine.

·         At the Stop Sign go Straight paralleling the freeway. The road drops down - take a left under the freeway

·         Park on the right or left under the bridge.


Hope to see you there!!!!

Kevie W. Loomis  <><



Saturday · December 20, 2008
8:30 AM - 1 PM
If you have questions, please contact Kevin Loomis at [email protected].

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