Sunday Lesson

In February we will be discussing God's plan for sex and dating. One of the most important, crucial and relevant subjects even junior high youth are dealing with. We hope to bring to light what God was intending, what went wrong and give our students a Biblical and applicable approach to sex and dating. We are also offering a 12 week series for girls called "Hey Gurl". This series will also cover issues on sex, dating, self esteem, girl politics, love, and other relevant girl topics.  

we encourage you to ask your child what he or she is learning on Sundays. Take a look at their bulletin note, stop by the room, speak with a youth worker, or give us a call.

Partnering with parents in raising up a generation,

Pastor Dru

Sunday · February 8, 2009
10 AM - 5 PM
If you have questions, please contact Dru Teves at [email protected].

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