CANCELLED DUE TO RAIN Beginner / Intermediate Ride - Lake Hodges

Saturday, February 7, 2009


CANCELLED DUE TO RAIN Beginner / Intermediate Ride - Lake Hodges

NORTH LAKE HODGESNorth Lake Hodges Ride - Rancho Bernardo, North County San Diego
February 7th, 2009 - Arrive 8:30, Ride 8:45 SHARP!
Beginner/Intermediate Ride!!!14 miles with 480 or gain Click here to view the elevation chart

True beginners may have a hard time. But very little skill is needed.

We are meeting in the same parking area as the San Pasqual ride.  However whereas San Pasqual went East into the farmland, we are going WEST around Lake Hodges.  This is a beautiful trail that everyone should ride at least once.

The trail starts off smooth/fast going under Highway 15.  It quickly becomes a fire road with small climbs and drops.  There are a few technical sections with rocks and a slightly steep pitch (one area).  These areas are SHORT and can be easily walked if necessary.  What makes this a strong beginner ride is the slight climbing and occasional rocks on the path.  This is what makes it fun for the more advanced riders too! The trail joins up with the Lake Hodges Park, and thereafter becomes single track.  As the trail goes around the lake, it gets closer to the shore and weaves in and around trees.  There are a lot of short up and down sections twisting everywhere.  I expect to hear a lot of whooping in this section!  The trail ends near a beautiful picnic area overlooking the Lake.  We will stop here for lunch with the devotional.

This is and OUT and BACK ride, meaning we turnaround and go BACK the way we came!  Total mileage is 14 miles with under 500 of elevation gain.  Lets get out there!!!!

NOTE Helmets are MANDATORY on all RockMTB rides NO EXCEPTIONS. 
This includes EVERYONE! The person who left their helmet on the table at home... Please dont put us in the unfortunate position of not letting you ride.  We care deeply about everyones health and have seen too many examples of why helmets are needed.

What to bring:1. Helmet, of course. No helmet, No ride
2. Seasonal clothing.
3. Food.
4. Water -  at least 50 oz, 80 oz is better.
5. Dont forget to prep your bike the night before. Pump air in the tires (40-45 psi), lube the chain, and test the brakes.
6. Spare tube or patch kit
7. Prayer

Directions:Directions are very easy.  Take I-15 (South of Escondido) exit Via Rancho Parkway East  (LakeHodgesexit).  Take a quick right (after Gas Station) onto Sunset Drive; go to the end and park.  There is a parking lot for both the Lake Hodges and San Pasqual Valley trail.  Please be at least 10 minutes early 8:20AM.

Saturday · February 7, 2009
8:15 - 11 AM
If you have questions, please contact Kevin Loomis at [email protected].

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