Intro to Photography 1- the Camera

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


all classes are at the Rock in Rm 353. **new classroom**

Intro to Photography 1: the Camera

prior to the class, please take some time to read the manual for your camera, and familiarize yourself with the different features and functions.

we will be using the class time to get to know the camera, discussing...

  • the basic handling, care, and safety of the camera
  • functions most common to all cameras
  • basics of good photo composition
  • how to get the pictures off the camera
  • suggestions for photo printing, sharing and storage
  • recommendations for camera retailers to support: online and brick-n-mortar

after this 1st class, you will have the basics for taking good pictures, and a firm foundation to build upon as you learn to master your camera.

please bring your camera w memory card and battery, camera manual and some food to share with the class. (food is optioinal)

feel free to invite your friends and family, all are welcome.

Wednesday · April 1, 2009
7 - 9 PM

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