Rock U: Intimacy with Jesus Study

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Previously offered as a 1 day workshop at the Rock, now offered in a 6 week format for Rock U." "What gets in the way of experiencing long lasting, loving, intimate relationships? Why does true intimacy seem so elusive? Jesus longs to have an Intimate Relationship with us; before we can experience intimacy in any of our relationships whether it be family, friends or loved ones we must first have an Intimate Relationship with Jesus. This study will empower you to feel His unconditional love and His healing to believe and accept God's promises that will enable you to love others as He does. This class is essential for all ages, stages, men, women and teens! Come and experience the love Jesus wants to share with you.
Instructor: Connie Frost.

Tuesday · March 10, 2009
If you have questions, please contact Haley Sipan at [email protected].
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