New Series Begins: Bubbles

Sunday, June 21, 2009


8 AM · 10 AM · 12 PM · 5 PM · 7 PM
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Prayer is the most powerful way to communicate with God.

He desires to deepen His relationship with us through prayer. In this 8-week series, Pastor Miles explains what prayer is, how God wants to answer our prayers, and what hinders God from hearing our prayers. "I'm too busy." "I just don't know how." "God doesn't really hear our prayers." Whatever our excuse might be, the reality is we often do not take time to pray.

We can communicate with God through actions, like a child sending blow bubbles into the sky. These actions are messages to Him about how much we trust and love Him. He communicates with us through actions as well. The bubbles coming from God not only contain information, but the heart-transforming character of God.

Whether it is patience while sitting in traffic, financial help, or a sick loved one, we all have situations that God wants to use to make us more like Him. Join us as we take a deeper look at the life-transforming power of prayer.
Sunday · June 21, 2009

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