Saturday, October 17, 2009



Marthas Grove Ride Santee, CA.
Saturday Oct 17th - Arrive 8:15AM Ride 8:30
Intermediate Ride16 miles, around 1,000 elevation gain - Click here to view the elevation chart

This is one of our FAVORITE local rides and for good reason.  This trail has a just about everything, beautiful So-Cal scenery, lush valleys (when we have rain), sweet single track, wide track, thick trees, easy and technical riding, cliffs, a drop off and is centrally located.

We start near Santee Lakes and ride into Sycamore Canyon.  The first part is the most technical with lots of little climbs and rocks.  After a few miles, Sycamore Canyon opens up into a nice valley.  The trail continues as new single track on the sides of the valley.  Well go up singletrack on one side and back on the other.  We take this to the entrance to Gooden Ranch (home of Marthas Grove).

From here we climb single track on the side of the valley.  We then continue on a nice climb to the staging area.  At the top is the entrance to Marthas Grove trail, one of our favorites in So-Cal.  Marthas climbs a bit more with views of the valley below.  After a few minutes, the trails crests hold onto your handle bars for fast single track is in front!  There is one section some people may wish to take the bi-pass, a nice drop off with a sharp turn at the bottom (best part of the ride).  Shortly after we come to Marthas Grove, a nicely shaded section where the devotional will take place.  The trail continues twisting, turning and gently descending to a fire road.  We then hit more single track and go back to the entrance of Gooden Ranch.  From here, we take the new singletrack back to Santee lakes and then our cars.

This trail is rideable for Intermediates and up.  It is a 16 mile ride and not suitable for 1st time riders!  New riders would be overwhelmed and drastically slow the group down.  Since everyone goes on a ride expecting all riders to be intermediate and up, it is appreciated if you attend rides at your level.

What to bring:1. Helmet, of course. No helmet, No ride (we just love that head of yours!!!)
2. Snack
3. Water
4. TUBES!!!!  At least two.  This trails has MANY goat heads and every time a tire gets flat (usually many times).
5. Prayer

Directions:They vary tremendously depending on where you live.  The bottom line is you need to get on Mast Blvd in Santee next to West Hills High School (near the dump).  Mast blvd is off of 52 near the Eastern terminus.  I would recommend looking on a map and locating Mast Blvd and 52 in Santee. Once you are on Mast, continue east passing the dump (left side) and West Hills High School (right side).  Right BEFORE the "Medina" street intersection is a DIRT parking lot on the right.  Park here! 
This is a new location.  The old location at the end of Medina is no longer accessible.

If you need help email us [email protected] (where you are coming from) and Ill get you there.

Hope to see you there!!!!
God bless

Saturday · October 17, 2009
8:15 - 11:30 AM
If you have questions, please contact Kevin Loomis at [email protected].

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