South Lake Hodges - Beginner/Family & Intermediate Ride

Saturday, November 7, 2009


South Lake Hodges - Beginner/Family & Intermediate Ride
SOUTH LAKE HODGESBrian Frank Says Lake Hodges is exactly as I remembered.  An excellent beginner and/or intermediate ride. This could also be a strong intermediate ride depending on what kind of butt-whooping people would like!! But we could save that for another day.

Lake Hodges (south side of the dry lake bed) has a little bit of everything: cruising double track, sweet single track, and quick short hills. Whether youre just starting out or an experienced rider, this is fun for everyone. At one point you'll be riding by the dry lake bed on a nice grassy single track, this scenery is not a common sight in Southern California, you'd almost think you were in another state. You can then find yourself riding over small creeks and will then see a small 10 foot waterfall. Then there will be the ROCK, this is one of my most favorite playgrounds, it reminds of the pictures I see in Moab. This is an excellent place to test your technical skills. For the intermediate riders, there are fairly steep hills and single track trails to climb, or walk which I sometimes do depending on whether I ate my Wheaties or not. The payoff coming back down is worth it! This is the best time of year to take on Lake Hodges as the summer can reach up to 90 degrees. Check out some photos here.

What to bring:
1. Helmet mandatory. Saturdays accident would have resulted in a hospital trip if not for the riders helmet.
2. Seasonable clothing.
3. Food.
4. Water -  at least 50 oz, 80 oz is better.
5. Dont forget to prep your bike the night before. Pump air in the tires (40-45 psi), lube the chain, and test the brakes.
6. Prayer

Directions:Directions are very easy.  Take I-15 (South of Escondido) exit Via Rancho Parkway East  (LakeHodgesexit).  Take a quick right (after Gas Station) onto Sunset Drive; go to the end and park.  There is a parking lot for both the Lake Hodges and San Pasqual Valley trail.  Please be at least 10 minutes early 8:20AM.

Saturday · November 7, 2009
8:15 - 11:30 AM

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