Santa Ana River Trail - Advanced Ride (ROAD TRIP)

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Santa Ana River Trail - Advanced Ride (ROAD TRIP)

Santa Ana River Trail - San Bernardino Mnts.
30 miles, 3,000++
Carpool at 7:15am, Leave at 7:30am

Ride starts at trailhead at 10AM
Plan on being gone ALL DAY!

Get ready for the best Epic Ride in Southern California Santa Ana River Trail!

Please, no newbies OR Intermediates OR Downhillers on this ride - you will not have a good time.  ONLY HARDCORE CROSS COUNTRY (XC) RIDERS ARE INVITED!!!!  If you are wondering if this ride is for you, then it is most likely not!  This is the hardest most strenuous ride of the ministry.  It is not fair to you or the other riders if an unqualified person shows.  You will be exhausted and the other riders will be forced to ride at a slow agonizing pace. We apologize for the firm tone, however some of our past rides had people show who were not qualified.  They were devastated, and the rest of the group was bored.  This is why the ministry has rides for ALL levels.  By riding at or near your level, everyone enjoys the ride.

This is truly one of the most spectacular trails in So-Cal.  Its roughly 30 miles (out and back) of amazing single track in the San Bernardino Mountains off highway 38.  We start out near a store, climb a short fire road and then shoot UP & DOWN steep, technical, sheer, single track for roughly 15 miles.  At the end, we turn around and go back, bypassing the last part of the trail with a LONG, HOT, EXPOSED, CLIMB up a fireroad.  The trail is steep with drop-offs and lot of switchbacks.  Most of the trail is in high alpine forest with LOTS OF climbing (3,000+). 

PLEASE NOTE AN ADVENTURE PASS IS REQUIRED, purchase it in advance.  On our way back to San Diego, I know an awesome Mexican fast food place to satisfy any hunger.

To REPEAT, this is an ADVANCED ONLY Cross Country ride.  The singletrack is fast and sweet, but with the long duration plus climbing makes this is a butt-whooper of a ride.

Make sure you bring LOTS OF WATER and food!!!!  At the end (after a long climb), there is a campground with water available.  There is NO WATER before that.  I know a few people who were dehydrated due to underestimating their water needs.  I am bringing 100oz plus a water bottle filled with Cytomax.

NOTE Helmets are MANDATORY on all RockMTB rides NO EXCEPTIONS. 
This includes EVERYONE! The person who left their helmet on the table at home... Please dont put us in the unfortunate position of not letting you ride.  We care deeply about everyones health and have seen too many examples of why helmets are needed.

What to bring:1. Helmet, no helmet no ride.
2. Tubes - two
3. Food power gel, goo, PB & J is good.  YOU WILL BE EXTREMELY HUNGRY!
4. Water 100oz AT LEAST!  Cytomax or Gatorade is a great idea to avoid cramping.  It most likely get baking hot toward the end of the ride.  I am bringing another water bottle just in case.
5. Sunscreen AND BUG REPELLENT.  There are a lot of annoying bugs on this trail.
6. Camera I will attempt to helmet cam this ride, but personal pictures are always a positive.
7. Adventure Pass!
8. PRAYER Please pray for us (and your family) even if you are not going... This can NEVER be overstated. THANK YOU.  Please pray ON MONDAY for no Spiritual Attack.  I have been getting whacked on several rides right BEFORE the ride.  Please pray for all the leaders and riders to remain healthy, for us to have the Holy Spirit guide us, and for no mechanicals.

Carpool:We are meeting in the McDonalds Parking Lot off of Aero Drive and 15, near highway 8.  Take 15 to the Aero Drive Exit West.  At the main Intersection take a left and then your first left into the parking lot.  Look for the RockMTB Banner near McDonalds.  If you want to go, but cannot drive no problem, just show up!  Make sure you arrive at 7:15AM or earlier - we leave at 7:30AM sharp.  This is an all day ride; expect to get back between 5-7PM.


Take 15 North to the 215.  Take 215 to 10 going East.  After several miles, take the University East Exit in Redlands.  Go under the freeway, through two stop signs, at the next stop light is Lugonia (Route 38) take a right.  Stay on Route 38 climbing up the mountain for 20-30 minutes.  Please note, there is an intersection along the way, stay left on 38 going towards Angelus Oaks.  We are parking and riding from Angelus Oaks.  There is a restaurant (may be closed), a post office and small store on the left in Angelus Oaks go a half a mile past it and park in the first parking lot on the left.  Look for the RockMTB Banner.

We are leaving San Diego at 7:30 SHARP and should be at the parking lot around 9:30.  The ride should start around 10:00.  If you are running behind, call me at 619/838-4781 as early as possible.  I am not sure how cell coverage is up there and may not be able to hear you now.  If you call earlier, we will wait or meet you at another junction of the trail if youre running late.

I hope to see many of you ADVANCED XC ONLY riders out there!

Please let me know if you are going, in order to coordinate the carpooling.

Saturday · November 21, 2009
7:15 AM - 7 PM

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