Convalescent Home Visit

Friday, January 22, 2010


Emeritus of Carmel Valley (Assisted living and Alzheimers care)
13101 Hartfield Ave
San Diego   92130

All moms and kids are welcome to come. If you like you can bring 1 or more homemade cards/artwork per child to distribute to residents at the convalescent facility. Do not put any identifying info on your card besides child's first name and age. Of course you can have them write a note.  I will bring some toys so the kids can play after they give out their cards.

Please explain the project as you make your cards and pray for the person/people who will receive them. The seniors we will be meeting are like "grandparents." They are older and some of them are sick. They might not have young children to come to visit them very often and seeing your son or daughter will really cheer them up and brighten their day. It is a small way we can show God's love to someone else.

On the day of, please pray with your kids before you go in. We will meet outside the building and go in together as a group at 10:15. Please remind your kids there is no running, shouting and rough housing in the facility. There will be people receiving medical attention and resting. Remove them at your discretion if there is a problem.  Maybe you can practice a few things your kids can say to them such as "Hi, my name is ..." "I made a card for you," "I love you," etc. Make sure your kids know to stay with you while you talk to the residents. We stay a max of one hour.

You can call me with any questions during the week, Joanie at 310.927.1775, but if you need any assistance the day of please call Christine at 858.437.2853. Thanks and God bless.


Friday · January 22, 2010
10 - 11 AM

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