Kairos Donovan State Prison

Thursday, March 18, 2010 —
Sunday, March 21, 2010


Kairos is fast approaching and we need your commitment to this powerful event!

There are four (4) ways you can be involved:

(1) Begin praying for this ministry, pray for the team that will be
going in, pray for the preparations that must take place, pray for the training of team members, pray for the men who will be participating, and pray that the Prison yards will remain open during this time.

(2) Donate "Homemade Cookies" for Kairos. The cookies must be
Homemade, placed in clear zip lock bags, one dozen to a bag.  The inmates, guards and teams go through around 5,000 dozen cookies per Kairos weekend...that's a lot of cookies!  The cookies are an important tool as most inmates confess to coming just for the cookies, and then leaving with Jesus in their lives

(3) Be a letter writer for Kairos. Some of you have done this and know what it involves. . We need letter writers to commit to writing 40 exact letters of encouragement to the men participating in Kairos (it's a one time letter, not a pen-pal). Yes, I said 40 letters we can not accept anything less than 40 and NO Photo copies will be accepted.. Each inmate will receive a letter from you. It can be on card stock or special paper. Leave the names off for know and when I get a list of names I will send them out. Or you can start of with Dear Brother or My brother in Christ. Many of you ask what are the guidelines: write your letter with the promise and love of Christ. Each letter must include an envelope but do not seal it. They will receive the letter on the third night and for some inmates it is the only mail they receive in prison.  These letters mean the world to them, and many will admit to breaking down in tears as they read letter after letter from someone who cares about them and doesn't even know them.

 (4) Be a team member. Team training meetings will start Saturday,
These are the men who attend all four days on the inside form 6:00 AM to 4:00PM. I guarantee you WILL not be the same man after serving in this event.

Feb. 13th , 8 am, and proceed every Saturday until the Kairos event.
Some are held at First Methodist Church in Mission Valley, others
will be held at Donovan itself. Team members must be able to attend  most all training. ~~*The location for our first training meeting on February 13th is moving to Foothills United Methodist Church in the Rancho San Diego area of La Mesa.  The address is 4031 Avocado Blvd, in La Mesa. (Easily accessible from I-8 and Hwy 94) Directions can be obtained from the churchs website: www.foothillsumc.org. Chaplain Bill Brown will conduct a prison clearance orientation after lunch for those who need it.  Looking forward to seeing you all there.

2nd team meeting- Sat 2/20 RJD
Third team meeting - scheduled for Sat 2/27         First United Methodist Church, Mission Valley
Fourth team meeting - scheduled for Sat 3/6         First United Methodist Church, Mission Valley
Final team meeting - scheduled for Sat 3/13 RJD
Starting times will be available before the event

Both the cookies and letters are examples of Gods love, grace and mercy for these men. I will be sending an email out where you can drop the cookies and letters off as we near the event date.

*Attend closing Kairos ceremonies (Sunday, Marcy 21, 2010) Please contact Latisha Zamora at [email protected] for application and deadline date.

Thursday · March 18, 2010 — Sunday · March 21, 2010

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