Skate Park Opens at 5:00PM (all skaters must have a parent signed permission form and wear a helmet to Skate).

FNL also offers other sport games, team competitions and video games. Food, drinks and snacks are available at the Snack shop.

Security is on site and all adult volunteers are trained by the Rock Church Youth Ministry.


are encouraged to stay to meet other parents, help with set up, tear

down, secondary security, the snack shop or just to spend some time in

prayer for our youth.

FNL is part of our SEND ministry. We

encourage our regular attendees to invite their friends to as an

outreach to the community. We also invite local middle schools in the

area as way to reach out to our Point Loma and coastal communities


Friday · February 19, 2010
6 - 8 AM
Rock Church Point Loma - Rock Park

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