Monday, June 21, 2010 —
Thursday, June 24, 2010


Justin was perfectly happy living with his parents; until recently after his mom came home from the hospital with his new baby sister. It appears now that all everyone thinks or cares about is little baby sissy. This causes him to feel he is no longer loved by his parents. However, during a party for baby sissy, he decides to find a place to hide and ends up falling asleep. He dreams that he meets a fox named Jinx, who encourages him to run away.

A long adventurous journey begins at the midnight hour when the two steal away into the woods. Little does Justin know that his trusted companion Jinx shouldn't be trusted; and little does Jinx know that Justin has a very unusual little puppy watching out for him (Joy). The Message: JESUS IS OUR FOREVER FRIEND

Monday · June 21, 2010 — Thursday · June 24, 2010
6 PM start
If you have questions, please contact Vena Lewis at [email protected].
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