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Wednesday, March 16, 2011



Sisters in Christ
- A special time for women of the Rock to worship, pray, study the Word of God, share testimonies and enjoy fellowship in a small group setting in order to gain spirtitual and practical guidance for everyday living.  We meet every Wednesday from March 9th - May 4th in room 232 from 6:30-8:30 p.m. and finishing with a potluck on May 11th.  Please note that the building is air conditioned so you may want to bring a sweater or jaDSCN1169_1.JPGcket.  Feel free to invite a friend.

Sisters In Christ 
includes worship, bible studies, testimonies or ministry speakers, classes (both spiritual and practical) and fellowship every week.

Please note that some classes may require the purchase of a book which will be used in the class.  Books may be purchased in Rockpile or online.  


Beauty by the Book led by Debbi Butler      You won't find these beauty secrets in the latest issue of Vogue, and you can't buy them at the cosmetics counter either.  Discover the do's and dont's of Biblical beautyin this practical, female-friendly study from the Proverbs.  Find out how you can become a beautiful woman at any age!  A workbook is needed for the class and can be purchased at for $11.99.


robin_pix_for_sisters_1.JPGPrayer Changes Everything led by Robin O'Neal        Who doesn't need prayer support and also a desire to meet other women from The Rock?  We will be breaking down into small groups of 5-6 women with the goal of developing friendships, accountability and an opportunity to pray for one another.  Over the course of the semester as we continually present our requests to the Lord, our faith and trust in His promises will become a spiritual reflex instead of an after-thought. 

Key Verse:  Philippians 4:6-7 "Do not be anxious for anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.  And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your minds in Christ Jesus."  Class material:  Notebook or journal. 



The God Hunt led by Michele Madden       This classis based on the book The God Hunt by Karen Mains.  Learn how to see how God is all around you.  Many times we miss God trying to intervene in our lives.  Learn how to seek and find those moments.  We are going to fine tune our relationship with God.  See how He answers our prayers in so many ways, shows evidence of His love, helps you to do His work in the world and "working things together for good."  For this class you will need a journal and willingness to see God's works all around you.  If you would like to purchase the book The God Hunt, it is available at Amazon for $6.00 but is not necessary for the class. 



A Passage Through Grief led by Janet Larson        A passage through grief offers healing opportunities for various forms of loss, whether it's death, divorce, break-up, abortion, etc., through journaling.  There is a book for this class, $10.00.


The Faith Dare led by Kimberly Fregoe       Author, Debbie Alsdort asks, "What would happen if you lived out your faith every day, in every situation?"  JesuKim_Fregoe.bmps came to give us abundant life.  So why are many of us living with worn-out faith, struggling to get by?  What if there was something more?  What if we could be set free from worry, fear and the constant cycle of searching for significance?  The Faith Dare is a 30-day challenge for women who want to develop a new habit of focusing on God and strengthening their faith.  If you want to break the pattern of self-reliance and people pleasing, consider The Faith Dare.  If you're ready to (again) put your trust in God alone, and living to please Him, this is a study for you.  The book is available from both the author's website - and  



Mother/Daughter Relationships led by Diana Brizendine and her daughter Louisa Llanes     Join us for a dynamic discussion, study and growth group specifically designed for Mothers and Daughters. Diana and her daughter, Louisa, will encourage and inspire you in your Mother/Daughter relationship. Come learn what WORKS ! Attend with or without your daughter or mother.  The workbook for the class was written for YOU at no cost.



Breaking Free, a Beth Moore study led by Bonney Martinez       This study leads you through a study of the scriptures to discover the transforming power of freedom in Jesus Christ.  Themes for this study come from Isaiah, a book about the captivity of God's children, the faithfulness of god, and the road to freedom.  A member book is needed for this class and is available at for $14.95.                    

EKirsten_Photo2010_1.JPGmpowered to Love The Unlovable led by Kirsten Strawn      Are you willing to die to have the most amazing life ever?  Not a physical death, but dying to your old ways to experience true love.  Perhaps you opened this book before throwing in the towel on your marriage, kicking a defiant teen out of the house,  or leaving your job due to a difficult co-worker.  Have you done everything in your power to love that person who seems to know how to push all your buttons?  Do you feel abused, betrayed, deceived, or used?  If you're shouting, "No more!" then it's time to stop the old way of doing things and try something new.

For a moment, examine your thoughts.  If frustration has turned to hatred, which has turned to hopelessness and despair then the enemy is seeking to deceive, destroy, and distract you from God.  These thoughts and feelings are common.  Jesus spoke of them, we all struggle with anger and "what ifs" and thinking life would be better if that person was out of your life.  But consider that the difficult person in your life is there for a purpose.  There's a reason why you work where you do, why that person irritates you, why you married who you did, or why your child is acting out and disrespectful.  Just maybe God wants to use that person in your life to give you an abundant life.  Come learn nine biblical principles to be EMPOWERED to love the unlovable.  No book required.   


                                      For more information please email Karen or Teresa!

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We look forward to being with you soon!


Wednesday · March 16, 2011
6:30 - 8:30 PM
Rock Church Point Loma - 232
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