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Wednesday, December 8, 2010


2nite!  Rm 352! 3rd floor! Rock Church! Be there!

We will be finishing up our basic classes tonite...we will be discussing camera gear, and what to buy, where to buy, how to buy...and stuff you may want to consider when purchasing equipment.  we will be talking about fun stuff like what camera or lens is best for you...pros and cons of buying new vs. used gear.  and when you should buy and when you should wait.

bottom line as far as we are concerned...if its too good a deal, buyer beware!  and, no matter how much money you spend on a camera, its not gonna take good photos for you (or as we like to say, "a bad photo is a bad photo," no matter what camera you have.)

we will be sharing photos as well from our balboa park adventures on saturday.  come and share with the class...because photography is fun!

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Wednesday · December 8, 2010
7 - 9 PM

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