Easter Event

Thursday, February 24, 2011 —
Sunday, February 27, 2011


Get involved in our Easter Operations Sign UP today!

There are a Varity of different ways you can get involved:

1.       Become a part of a team and Volunteer click on the link below for details:

2.    https://www.sdrock.com/ministries/homeless/rchm/

3.       Financially Donate To meet the physical and spiritual needs we have a goal to raise $ 2,000 for a successful event. Your donations of any amount will help us bring a Message of Hope in a tangible way to the homeless that live in our city!

4.       Monetary Donations:

1.      Shampoo

2.      Conditioner  -

3.      Bibles  -

4.      Sleeping Bag/Tents/ Blankets -

5.      Socks -

6.      Spaghetti Sauce -

7.      Cups -

8.      Paper plates  -

9.      Napkins -

10.  Sliced Bread -

11.  Can Goods -

12.  Granola Bars -

13.  Unused Shavers -

14.  Forks

15.  Ponchos

To find out about how you can get involved in our weekly outreaches click the link below:



v Training is recommended prior to attending an outreach. Our training gives you tips on how to minister to the homeless, how to participate on a team, and demonstrate how you can use your own gifts to serve.

v Training attend the CWW Outreach, first Saturday of each month, 11:00a to 12noon, we will offer training away from the main group attending CWW, but please RSVP, we will need to be prepared to accommodate the training session.

v  Donate items that you do not use for our care packages. Items such as food, shampoo, conditioner, etc.

v  Financial donations can be mailed to our mailing address

v  Donations are receive every Sunday from 8am -12pm @ the Launch Pad (by the recycling center)


Click link below:

It is recommended that potential volunteers show up to our Monthly Training before volunteering.

Thursday · February 24, 2011 — Sunday · February 27, 2011

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