AMPD Camp Orientation

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Parent meeting/orientation for summer camp. If your child is attending summer camp July 31st- August 4th. We encourage you to attend our Orientation meeting. 

We will give brief details on:

  • Drop off and pick up locations (Liberty Station Park:Cushing and Womble)
  • Packing list (Listed on confirmation email)
  • Medical and dietary restriction lists
  • Suggestions for packing, etc...
  • Answer or help parents with specific questions
  • Briefly go over the teaching themes and daily schedule
  • Discipline guidelines we use and encourage.
  • Parent volunteers at camp (We need adult supervision during 2:30-5:30pm daily)
  • How to contact your child (via Letters, or email)
  • AND how to PRAY for your Child, other students and the adult volunteers


Sunday · July 24, 2011
Rock Church Point Loma - Jr. High Room

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