Rebuilding the Foundation Conference

Saturday, October 29, 2011



For a millennia, the writings of Scripture have been believed as a source of truth—but should we still believe in a book claiming that God Himself created everything and had a personal role in creation? Doesn’t science prove without question that evolution is a fact? Does the Bible’s account of Creation mean anything today, or is it simply the product of less enlightened minds—a story that we can safely disregard, only accepting the “sensible” parts of the Bible?

Are we really 98% like a chimp? These questions may not seem very practical, but the answers to them affect the foundation of everything in the Christian faith. Not only is the truthfulness and accuracy of the Bible on the line, but everything Scripture says we are as humans, and even the basis of God’s offer of forgiveness, is at stake! In order to understand the truths God intends us to see in His Word, it is vital that we have a proper knowledge of the issues surrounding the origins of the world and of life itself.

To help us reach this understanding, Vox Veritas Apologetics Ministry of The Rock Church in San Diego, in conjunction with the Institute of Creation Research (ICR), will host an all-day conference called “Rebuilding the Foundation: Demolishing the Pillars of Evolution and Reinforcing the Biblical Basis for Origins.” Beginning at 8:00 AM on Saturday, October 29, we will examine the teaching of the Bible, identify conclusions that can be drawn from science, and answer the question of whether or not they are compatible. Ministry leader former Adj. Professor Ronald A. Newcomb will present his Cosmological Argument for the existence of God followed by ICR’s Dr. Randy Guliuzza and Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson will be presenting eight dynamic 50-minute sessions.

Scientists Guliuzza and Jeanson will deal with issues such as the geological record, dinosaurs, Noah’s flood, and the apparent similarities between different organisms.

Overall, the conference will systematically present the case made by the natural world and God's Word for a Designer.

Join us to find clear, honest answers to questions like the following: “What evidence do the fossils provide?” “Is there compelling evidence for natural selection?” These issues will be addressed by examining both the content of Scripture and the evidence provided by science. Attending this conference will give you answers to the pressing issues regarding creation and evolution and will bolster your faith in the reasonableness of the biblical account of Creation in the book of Genesis. God has not left Himself without testimony - Come and hear the evidence!

For more information contact: Ronald A. Newcomb (619) 501-1800

Saturday · October 29, 2011
8 AM - 5 PM
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