Ride Cancelled, due to rain and the trail damage from your tires in wet conditions.

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Los Penasquitos

Los Penasquitos - Poway - San Diego
Family, Easy, Beginner Ride!!!!!!

Has your spouse or significant other questioned your rides and wanted to go?  Are there often time crunches when you must choose between riding and being with your family?  Perhaps, you’re new to mountain biking and wonder what it’s about.  Maybe you have always wanted to go on a RockMTB ride but were concerned about your skill level.  If any of these questions/concerns pertain to you, THIS IS YOUR RIDE!!!!  On the other hand, if you are a hardcore climbing/descending, cross country geek that looks at dirt as an anticoagulant, Some other "EPIC" ride is for you – not this one!

This will truly be an EASY EASY EASY (did I say Easy?) ride.  We encourage you to bring your spouses and children.  It does not matter what type of mountain bike you have, any will do.  The ride will start on the eastern end ofLos Penasquitos Canyon (at the end of the softball fields).  This trail is actually a well groomed fire road which goes in and out of the forest and fields.  There is a stream off to the side which the children may explore on the ride back.  Most of the ride is flat with the last section a moderate rise to water falls.  This will be the halfway point and location for the devotional.  The trail actually continues several miles further, but that section has more hills and may not be suitable (for this ride).  After the devotional, the kids may play/explore in the water and do children things.  There will be stopping and looking at flowers, or looking at whatever is interesting.  If you desire a thoroughly relaxing time in a beautiful setting with friends go on this ride.

NOTE – Helmets are MANDATORY on all RockMTB rides – NO EXCEPTIONS. 
This includes children, and the person who left their helmet on the table.  Please don’t put us in the unfortunate position of not letting you ride.  We care deeply about everyone’s health and have seen too many examples of why helmets are needed.

What to bring:
1. HELMET – nuf said…
2. Bike, any will do.  Training wheels is pushing it and not recommended.  A friend of mine has a bike which connects a child bike to their seat tube.  The part the child sits on has a tire, pedals and handlebar to hang onto.  Perfect for this ride.
3. Gloves.
4. Water and food.  We will be eating at the halfway point.  PB & J is my favorite anytime sandwich.
5. Sunscreen. 
6. Prayers

Simple! Take 15 going toward Rancho Penasquitos.  Take theMercy Road/Scripps Poway Pkwy exit and go West on Mercy Road.  Go 1+ mile(s) to the T, which is Black Mountain Road.  Take a right on Black Mountain Road and take your first left next to the softball fields.  Continue to the end of the softball fields and park.  Look for the RockMTB Banner on a vehicle.  Dan Nickles is the guide of this ride with going along (both are leaders).  Please do not be LATE.  If you are bringing children, it may wise to arrive at 8:00, ensuring a start time of 8:30.

Let’s have a strong showing for this ride!!!!  Pictures will be taken and posted on the web.

Saturday · November 5, 2011
8:30 AM - 12 PM

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