HAPPY THANKSGIVING! no photopeeps tonite : (

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


No class tonight...Happy Thanksgiving to all yall!

We normally meet in room 353 on Wednesday nights at the Rock.

We will be back after Thanksgiving...


Your task, if you choose to accept, is...

to relax and enjoy the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend...and take lots of fun photos.

We will be back on November 30th, 7pm in room 353 where you will each share five (5) photos you took during the Thanksgiving break.  Please bring the photos on a cd or thumbdrive and be ready to share what you took and why...since photography is fun and sharing is fun!

Sharing Photography is Fun!!  Cyall on the 30th!  Happy Shooting!!

Any questions feel free to email us  [email protected]

or Visit our Facebook page and like us: www.facebook.com/MISSIONfocusedPhotography

and Visit our site  www.MISSION-focused.com

Wednesday · November 23, 2011
7 - 9 AM

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