Broomball/ FNL

Friday, December 2, 2011


BROOMBALL at the Joan Kroc Ice Arena for Grades 6-8

$5.00 (includes Hot Chocolate, Cookies and 90 minutes on the Ice Area!) Friends, Jesus and falling on your butt is free!

Suggestion: Wear a Santa hat, funny Christmas sweater and Tennis shoes. Optional is warm mittens, knee pads and jeans.

Broomball is played like Ice hockey on the Ice ring. Players are given a "broom" Stick with plastic end and a ball. 2 to 4 teams are formed. Players attempt to score goals like hockey as they shuffle, slide and high step across the ice.

Please show up NO EALRIER than 8pm to the Joan Kroc Center. AMPD Jr. High will be waiting outside to check students in. Parents are welcome to stay and watch, serve hot chocolate, Cookies and tend to bumps and bruises.

We have the ICE from 9 till 10:30pm.


Friday · December 2, 2011
8 - 10:30 PM
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