Photopeeps 2012 :: Let's Have Fun!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Photopeeps this Wednesday, January 11th in Rm 353 (3rd floor).

Photography is fun...all are welcome 2012 is gonna be an exciting year with lots of opportunity to have fun, take lots of photos and learn.

This will be our first meeting of the this will be a sharing time. Since we haven't gathered in a few weeks, and we like to have fun, please bring some snacks, sodas or steak to share...and please bring five (5) photos to share with the class and be ready to talk about them.

Please limit the content of your photos to images taken during the Christmas break, of your family, friends or just fun that you've been taking photos of in the last few weeks ( fun stuff like photos of dogs, flowers, amusement park rides, ferrari's in your mirror, trees, stars, fire trucks...).

This will be a time to learn more about upcoming classes and outings and any other questions you might have, hopefully we can answer them.

For more info you can visit

Wednesday · January 11, 2012
7 AM - 9 PM

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