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Baducka Faith
Miles McPherson - November 23, 2003

Message Recap

Miles opened up service thanking God for the money pledged already for the Nehemiah Project. Altogether, the pledges received totaled approximately 15 million dollars. Praise God!

In our continuing look at Nehemiah and how God restored the Israelites as they rebuilt the wall, Miles discussed faith: Baducka faith.

Baducka faith is an extreme, doubtless faith. It comes from having a history of seeing God work in an otherwise impossible situation, so much so that you begin to expect it.

Three points about Baducka faith:

  • Baducka faith remembers God's faithfulness.

    Have you forgotten what God has done in your life, like the Israelites did over and over again (parting the sea, the manna, etc)? Write them down and look at them constantly to remind yourself.

    God is faithful to provide, if we are faithful to believe He will. In the same way, God has provided for every Miles Ahead Crusade.
  • Baducka faith believes God can do anything.

    Miles said, "Do not put a limit on what God can do, ever!". Remember Luke 18:27 which says, What is impossible with men is possible with God.

    Remember the way Jesus healed the boy with an evil spirit in Mark 9. By faith, He commanded the evil spirit to come out. Do we believe God can do amazing, unbelievable things in our life?
  • Baducka faith expects God to do amazing things.

    Miles mentioned doing chapel for the Cincinnati Bengals and getting to talk with his friend, Jon Kitna. Jon had seen God move so much on the team that he now expected God to work. When you believe that God can do the impossible, then you begin to look for Him to do it.

    As much as God can do in and through us individually, imagine what He can do through us collectively. Like players on a football team, working for one purpose, we can expect God to do even bigger things if we're thinking and working together.

When you walk by faith, there is always a level of unknown. When you grow accustomed to it and let God lead, you will experience amazing things. Consequently, you will begin to desire and eventually expect God to work miracles.

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