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Is the Bible God's Word? - Part 1, Bible Science
Miles McPherson - December 14, 2003

Message Recap

On Sunday, we began our study on the accuracy and validity of the Bible, titled "Is the Bible God's Word?" This series is intended to provide a sound background before January, when we will begin a complete two year study through the Bible.

This week's topic focused on the Bible in regards to science. It will be followed by two more messages on fulfilled prophecy and historical accuracy to further strengthen our faith.

Opening up, Miles challenged the congregation that if we really want to know the Bible, we need to study on our own. Just learning on Sundays and at small groups are not enough. Live according to the scriptures. Psalm 119:105, Psalm 119:111, and 2 Timothy 2:15. Challenge yourself to know and continue to hunger for God's Word.

To further aid our two year study of the Bible, additional resources will be provided on the website to complement our reading schedule. Be prepared to use these resources to help your study time in 2004.

God as the Creator and Authority on Science

We opened our study in Job 38, where the Lord answered Job regarding Job's questioning of his supposed unfair treatment. God responded by reminding Job of his sovereignty and petitioned Job to consider the nature of His creations. By reminding Job who He was and that the earth was His and everything in it, essentially he put Job in his place.

Some interesting things Miles highlighted about God's response to Job were:

  1. In Job 38:11, God reminds Job that He alone is in charge of nature itself. He has absolute control over the ocean and gives order to the waves.
  2. In Job 39:19, God tells Job to take notice of the horse (in Job 40:15, he refers to a similar creature). Though both these creatures eat only grass, they are among the most powerful animals God created. Who can understand the greatness of God?

The Scientific Accuracy of the Bible

The Bible is not a science book, but it is scientifically accurate. Nothing in the Bible contradicts scientific facts, and in many cases the Bible foretells truths about science that we, as humans, would only discover later.

What Bible Science Teaches us About the Universe:

If the Bible was written only by men, and not inspired by God, how did the Bible get right all of these scientific facts, before they were even discovered? The only answer is that the Bible is indeed inspired by and directed by God.

  1. The earth is round and hangs in space. Proverbs 8:27, Isaiah 40:22, Job 26:7 Man discovered this in 1475.
  2. Air has weight. Job. 28:25 Galileo discovered this in 1630.
  3. The winds have regular circuits and rain clouds are merely evaporated water. Ecclesiastes 1:6-7 Man discovered this in 1630.
  4. There is a great empty space in the northern sky that contains no stars. Job 26:7
  5. The stars are innumerable. Genesis 15:5, Jeremiah 33:22 Galileo was the first to teach that they could not be numbered.

What Bible Science Teaches us About the Human Mind and Body:

  1. Human biology Genesis 2:7
    We are 70% water. The rest of us, when our elements are decomposed, amount to nothing more than dirt.
  2. Human embryology Psalms 139:13-14
    When a girl is born, she is born with roughly two million eggs inside of her. Did you further know that if the DNA inside one human being was layed end to end it would be ten million miles long? Did you also know that your arteries and intestines would circle the earth two and a half times?
  3. Human psychology Proverbs 14:30, Proverbs 27:4 God knows you better than any psychologist. He created you and He can transform you if you let Him.
  4. Blood function Leviticus 17:11
    Blood transports water, fluids, oxygen, and many other things we need to survive. The blood also contains white blood cells which act as a defense mechanism against germs and viruses.
  5. Blood clotting Leviticus 12:3
    Any ideas why God commanded the Israelites to circumcise the newborn babies on the eighth day. It has been discovered that on the eighth day of life, medically, the blood of a baby will clot the best since by the eighth day, it should have cleansed completely all of the mother's blood and have begun producing blood on its own. God knows what He's doing.
  6. Blood's reaction to stress Psalm 69:20
    Did you know that when you are stressed your blood clots easier and faster? Imagine the stress Jesus went though on the cross bearing the burden for our sing. When they pierced his side, blood and water came out separately. His blood had clotted inside of him.
  7. Blood content Luke 22:20
    There are 25 billion red blood cells in one drop of blood. Be certain, in case you're counting, be Jesus shed his blood for you.

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