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Garden Life - Part 1
Miles McPherson - January 11, 2004

Message Recap

Service this Sunday began with the opening of a new series titled "Garden Life." In part I, Miles explained that there are two stories of creation in the beginning of the book of Genesis.

  1. Chronological, Genesis 1:1-2:3
  2. Narrative, Genesis 2:4-17

Garden Agreement

Genesis 2:16-17 states And the Lord God commanded the man, saying, "Of every tree of the garden you may freely eat; but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat of it you shall surely die."

Adam had ruling over all and was told to refrain from a single tree that was sure to bring death to all living things. God told Adam that he could have all that was in his sight. It was made clear to Adam that keeping away from this single tree would solidify Adam's eternal existence.

Garden Luxuries

Adam had wonderful advantages that came along with being a part of the beautiful garden that God had created for him to reside.

  1. Power - God gave Adam reign over everything that was in the garden.
  2. Wealth - In Genesis 2:12 it states that the gold of that land is good. Everything made in the garden was made with God's perfection. Even the precious metals and stones of the land were most likely purer than anything that has ever been discovered on earth today.
  3. Romance - God states to Adam in Genesis 1:28, be fruitful and multiply. God created a massive paradise not only for Adam to rule, but God wanted Adam to enjoy the surroundings that God had given him.

Garden Luxuries vs. Today's Luxuries

We, as Christians, are under severe peer pressure from the outside world to conform to its ways. We see the world as our 'oyster' instead of seeing it for what God intended it to be. While it is true that God loves to bless His children with wonderful things, He does not want us to be consumed by those blessings.

The world is dying to itself and the image within society. Rather than falling to destruction, God calls His believers to take a stand and live a righteous life. It is a choice. Note that the powerful choice is the one that is not always the easiest to follow, however eternity in heaven is well worth following God's instruction.

Garden Rules

God gave Adam a simple set of rules to follow:

  1. Care for the garden.
  2. Avoid the tree of knowledge and enjoy paradise forever.
  3. Eat of the forbidden tree and you will die.

Garden Rules vs. God's rules for us

In speaking about what God wants for our lives, Miles brought up the subject of purity. He explained that it is not only the initial act of impurity that is wrong, it is the consequences that come after the act is committed. When we sin it is enjoyment for the moment. Following the sin we pay the real price for our actions.

Miles went on to mention that it only takes stepping a little out of God's kingdom to start on the road of destruction. God's rules are there to protect us from the harm that we can easily cause ourselves. Living God's way encourages the care of our bodies, relationships, intelligence, finances, education, and family. Living in the world provides a great gateway for Satan to ensnare us in his lie that will destroy our chance at eternal life.

Soul-Winner So What

As believers of Jesus Christ, we are given another chance at eternal life. Daily, we are faced with issues that often have the potential to sway us from a righteous walk with God. It is important to recognize our sin and pray that God will give us the strength to abstain from Satan's pull on our lives.

Today, Miles expressed not only the importance of following along in biblical study with the church, but he is adamant regarding the value of spending personal time studying the word of God. He says that it is important for us to come to a conclusion of whether or not God did what is written based on prayer and our daily devotionals.

Many of us question God's word. Miles emphasized that this study is a prime opportunity to understanding the bible as complete truth. Since our goal is to evangelize to the city of San Diego, it is imperative that God's word is engraved deeply upon our hearts.

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