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Leave it to Cleave Her - Part 1
Miles McPherson - January 18, 2004

Message Recap

On Sunday, Miles took a turn from "Garden Life" and began a new series titled "Leave it to Cleave Her." In Part 1, Miles began identifying the importance of honoring God within dating and marriage relationships.

The Rules

When dating and planning for marriage there is a fundamentally instituted set of guidelines that God has given us to follow to further our safety and protection in life. With so much temptation around us it is easy to become engrossed in personal satisfaction.

Being human, we often see what can be gratifying in a 'moment' rather than focusing on what God had intended for us. Regardless of what may look good, it is important to remember that for all actions there are serious consequences. In order to avoid any destructive life-long implications, it is imperative to seek God's will through the Bible before making any decisions in dating or marriage.

Sex for Now

Miles expressed in his message that man has many natural desires. He went on to say that it is also natural to want to fulfill those desires with human companionship. After all, it was God who commanded Adam in Genesis 1:28, Be fruitful and multiply.

As believers in the one true God we need to follow all of His rules and not just some of them. God wants us to have a partner that will help to fulfill God's purpose on earth. Not our own purpose.

We need to be strong and abstain from sexual temptation. Focusing our lives around God's will and choosing purity over temporal desires has an everlasting benefit.

Flea or Compatibility

In Lust

It is not just physically partaking of lust that displeases God. We can also lust in our thoughts. Often, what is in our minds is a transparent reality of what is in our hearts.

Miles made an important statement by saying that giving into lust pleases self at the expense of others. If we are partaking in relationships that do not follow God's will, then we need to take it upon ourselves to repent out of our love for Him.

We are fortunate that out of His love for us we are forgiven. This may be a fact, but it does not mean that we are allowed to continue to partake in sexual sin. The Bible says in 1 Corinthians 6:18, Flee sexual immorality. God could not have made it any clearer.

Or, In Love

Miles stated that while lust is driven by feeling, love is driven by commitment. There are many ways to see whether or not your current relationship glorifies the Lord.

  1. If we truly love someone, we will be more concerned about pleasing God and our mate rather than pleasing ourselves.

    God's true love is not only knowing the love we have but seeking to share it with others as well. This is true commitment.

  2. The one that loves you is the one that will help you to obey God's will.

    If our boyfriend or girlfriend is trying to put our attention on anything not of the Lord while we're dating, then how's it going to be like in marriage?

    We need to be paying attention to the actions of the people that we let into our lives when considering long-term relationships. How you honor God now will manifest itself in time in a marriage relationship.
  3. The person that you are going to spend a long term relationship with is going to help edify your relationship with the living God.

    When seeking a mate, Miles introduced a few key pointers for the selection.
    1. The person you seek must love God.
    2. The person you seek must help you love God.
    3. The person that you seek must be willing to help you love God.
    4. What is the most critical? The person that you seek must be committed to helping you obey God's will for your life.

The Bottom Line

Miles ended the message by saying that the bottom line of existence is to obey God by faith. If we are constantly motivated by fulfilling God's purpose for our lives and no other, then there will be little room for disappointment or Satan's destruction.

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