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Leave it to Cleave Her - Part 2
Miles McPherson - January 25, 2004

Message Recap

This Sunday, Pastor Miles presented part two of a series titled 'Leave it to Cleave Her.' This message further identified ways to honor God within marriage and dating relationships.

It was made clear that God can bless His children with wonderful relationships. The key is to recognize that God's rules need to be followed. The Lord is pleased with nothing greater than fulfilling His purpose through His Word.

How Pure?

Living a pure relationship in the Lord is challenging. It is the challenge, however, that helps us to grow. God's rules aren't meant to restrict us from fun, but to protect us so that we can have the real permanent joy that only comes from abiding in His will.

In life, it can be easy to get lost in all of the "do nots". We want to have fun and pursue life in the Lord to reach our highest potential, but we keep hearing about all the things we should avoid. If we want to remain pure in the eyes of the Lord, we must follow His rules and honor His laws.

It's not what we can't do that matters most. We need to embrace what we can do with the time God has given us.

Two by Two

Miles made it clear that, regarding marriage, women need a man who will be a Spiritual leader. Likewise, a man should not marry a woman that is not seeking to fulfill God's call in her life. The Lord's principles are timeless. In a marriage, the husband is to lead, and the wife is to be man's helper.

When two partner under God it is important to remain under His authority. When God is not the head of the relationship it affects each member of the home.

The Real Deal

Miles explained that when a couple moves from dating to marriage this has an immeasurable impact on the two. The Bible tells married women in Ephesians 5:22 to submit to your husbands as to the Lord. It also commands husbands in Ephesians 5:25 to love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her.

On both sides marriage takes great personal sacrifice. We're not individuals anymore. We become one with our spouse Ephesians 5:31. This means no secrets and total abandonment to the one that the Lord chooses for us. Keep in mind that both parties must be submissive to God first.


Miles also mentioned on Sunday that half a person and half a person do not make a whole. When broken people get together it makes a broken mess. Getting married is not a problem-solver. Before we seek a mate, we need to make sure that we are whole in the Lord.


True intimacy shares our true self inside, leaving no stone unturned. As His children we need to have confidence that the Lord will provide us a suitable mate in His timing. If we jump too soon we may uncover a lifetime of hurt instead of an eternity of love.

Soul-Winner So What

Forgiveness is an issue that many people struggle with. However, it's not the concept that God can forgive sins that is most prevalent. Instead, most struggle with forgiving themselves for past decisions. One hurtful incident can create a truckload of Spiritual and emotional baggage. Jesus died on the cross to save and heal us.

Oswald Chambers, one of Christianity's highly acclaimed authors, states in his lecture The Base that "God counts us worthy because He has done everything for us". God wants all of us, our heart, mind, and soul, so He can begin to renew us from the inside.

How do we know that serving and obeying God will have an impact of monumental proportion? We can only choose Him and find out.

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