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Salvation in the Days of Noah
Miles McPherson - April 18, 2004

Message Recap

As a Christian, and one of God's beloved children, it is important to never lose sight of God's promises, which can be found in His Word. One such promise, which is of the utmost importance, is that we will always be most happy and fulfilled when our will and God's will are aligned.

In our prayer lives, we often spend large volumes of time trying to convince God to conform to our will, when in actuality, we could spare ourselves much wasted effort if we would just learn to simply surrender to His will. Because what He wants is best in every conceivable aspect, He always leads us down the correct path.

We must ask God to speak and guide us everyday, to provide us with the knowledge of His will, and to empower us to carry out His plans. In the story of Noah, we see a man who relied heavily upon God and was consequently blessed and protected.

Principles from Genesis 7-9

  1. God called godly people to serve a godly purpose. Genesis 7

    Whenever God finds a righteous person, it is inevitable that He will have something for him/her to do, in accordance with the gifts given to the particular individual. We should be aware as we grow in spiritual maturity that God has plenty of work for us to carry out, and He will call the faithful and righteous to do it.

    The theme of "calling" is one often seen in the Noah story, from the eight humans called into the ark (Genesis 7:1, 7, and 13) to the 40 days of rain and 150 days of flooding that were called onto the earth. Genesis 7:4, 24 God, the author of life, is capable of calling his creation to action. What is He calling you to do today?
  2. God remembered His salvation intentions. Genesis 8

    As Noah and his family floated listlessly on the ark, their perception was undoubtedly that their course was random and directionless; however, God was fully aware of their movements, and He had not forgotten His promise and purpose. In our own lives today, even when we are unable to see the whole picture, God will lead us (if we allow Him the opportunity to do so).

    "Remembrance" is also a word used in several passages of Genesis 8; examples include: (1) God remembers His affection for mankind and man's worship Genesis 8:21, and (2) God's promised deliverance from the flood is remembered. Genesis 8:16-19 When man also remembers God, giving Him glory and crediting Him for all good things, God is overjoyed.
  3. God blessed Noah's family with a covenant. Genesis 9

    As the story proves, those who are faithful servants of the Lord will be blessed abundantly. This does not, however, assure the steadfast believer that he/she will be spared from trials, discipline, and afflictions; rather, he/she will be given God's peace and joy and will be allowed the privilege of an eternity spent with God.

    Genesis 9 has several passages that speak to God's blessings. In Genesis 9:1-2, Noah's family is blessed with the authority to subdue and multiply. Genesis 9:11-16 shows that mankind is blessed with a rainbow as the sign of the covenant.

    Tomorrow is not promised; let's be sure to thank God for today. We should live with a spirit of gratitude for His callings to believers, His remembrance of His promises, and His blessings on our lives.

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