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Fulfilled Dreams and the Unexpected
Miles McPherson - August 15, 2004

Message Recap

Miles began, "We're continuing our series on 'dreamer boy'…"

On the Chargers, one of Miles' roles was to run down on the kick off with other defenders, kamikaze converging on the ball carrier. One day a guy on the opposite team came from his blind side and hit Miles in the jaw with his head. "My body went into air, my feet went up, and the back of head hit the ground first. There were pieces of teeth in my mouth… in the NFL, you watch everything you did the day before on film. So you know the next day everybody's going to see it and make fun of you or you're going to get yelled at. They rewound it back and forth with me in the air and hitting the ground and everyone was laughing. The coach said watch what he does, he has his wits about him. We watched and I jumped up right away, turned, and ran off the field at full speed. The play wasn't over but I was done."

Joseph's life had ups and downs. When his dream was fulfilled, his brothers would bow down to him. Unexpected things happen when your dream is fulfilled. You think you know how things will be: "I'll act like this, I'll feel like this when I get there." Expect the unexpected and trust God. Even when you make it to the top, you're going to need God. Things won't be the way you think. You need a mission and dream but your pursuit should be based on God's mission - not your perceptions or expectations.

Joseph was sold, got sold out, was accused of rape, went to prison, interpreted a dream, then interpreted Pharaoh's dream, then became governor in charge of all food in the land. He went from regular guy to slave to prisoner to governor.

Joseph, in seat of success, experienced unexpected things. When you get to the top or close to top, remember, God will be there for you.

Read Genesis 42:1-6

Fulfilled dreams result from unexpected and supernatural circumstances

God will fulfill and facilitate your dream through something supernatural and unexpected, just like the whole sequence of Joseph's fall and rise, the worldwide famine that forces his brothers to come to him.

This world is in a spiritual famine. Your soul without God is hungry. You can't find happiness and purpose in world. You'll hear 'accept Jesus' all the time on the radio, TV, friends. That's like his brothers going to Egypt. Stop trying to live on your own power and wisdom. No matter what you do you'll be empty inside. God has food for your soul, satisfaction for your life. He'll call you to do something that requires faith. Without faith, it's impossible to please God. There'll be big hurdles and you'll think it'll never happen. You have to believe. Trust God to make it happen because you can't do it by yourself. God will do something unexpected.

Fulfilled dreams might place you in an unexpected role

Genesis 42:6 - Do you think Joseph thought he would be governor, in charge of all food in the land? You will end up in a role you didn't expect. Often people who've "made it" can't believe they're there. They're just regular people. Don't get caught up in the title, because titles may change but your mission shouldn't. Follow and serve Him. You may change how you do things or get better at it. You may go up the ladder but you have the same calling. Don't get hung up on the title because it can puff you up or deflate you. It doesn't mean anything. People can call you whatever they want as long as you fulfill your mission. Are you a street sweeper or a 'sanitation engineer'? An usher or a 'greeting concierge'? It doesn't matter. God puts you in a place, and you focus on giving him credit. You may not go to top, because not everyone is assigned to.

Now you're a Christian- that's a title. You could get it wrong and say, "that means I'm better than you. I'm going to heaven, you're not" - No, you should love your neighbor and encourage others…

Fulfilled dreams could cause unexpected behavior

Have you ever thought to yourself, "if I was a celebrity I wouldn't do that, I'd do this," or, "if I were my boss… I don't know why they do that- I'd do this." What about, "If I were God… why doesn't God just do X - I know better than God." That's ridiculous. We don't even understand ourselves. We can't see why we do what we do and how others perceive it. Something different from what you think may be communicated by your behavior. Even if everyone tells you it, you might deny it.

Read Genesis 42:7-20

This is 22 years after Joseph had his dream- he's 39 years old. You might think, "they sold me, and I'm going to rub it in their face," or, "I still miss them." He didn't reveal his identity. He messed with them - put them in jail, accused them of stealing. You'd think he'd just reveal himself and have a party. Don't be so quick to judge others or say how you will act. When you get where you're going, your whole perspective will change.

Miles said, "Justin left to start a church in Arizona- what did I think his first lesson would be? Faith- God will rearrange everything to teach you that. I was crackin' up when I talked to him. I said, now you'll see the Rock here in a different light because you'll be the accountable one."

You don't know what others should be doing.

Fulfilled dreams could initiate unexpected feelings

"If I get married I'll be so fulfilled!" Maybe your spouse could do that for you but it's not that simple - it takes work.

You may want more, or less, or something different when you get to the top (to the fulfillment of your dream). The top of the mountain looks different from the top than from the bottom - it looks nice from an airplane, but go up there and you'll be ready to come home.

You'll see people doing what you do better or differently. God will use that to show you the next step. Walk by faith everyday. Give your life to Christ, trust him every day, rely on him everyday, allow the word to be a lamp unto your feet, guide and direct you right and left. I don't know what tomorrow will brings but God does. I don't know what the future holds but I know who holds the future so hold on to him. Why is He treating me this way? He has a bigger plan.

Read Genesis 42:21, 43:30

Joseph's heart is being broken - did he expect to feel those emotions? When you get to your dream's fulfillment, you may cry because of what's there. God will show you things you never thought you'd know.

God can't use you the way you are today. If you were ready for it today, you'd be there today. So stop complaining about not being there, and get ready! Then you'll get there and he'll show you the next thing.

Fulfilled dreams could bring about unexpected actions

Read Genesis 45:1

It's about you being what God wants you to be. Just do what God has called you to do. Don't do it based on what you think the dream will do for you. A lot of people succeed but end up unhappy because of what they expect from the dream's fulfillment. Give your life to Jesus and live a life based on your gifts, talents, and desires. When I get to the top it doesn't matter what it is because God is my life. God is going to get me through, and His mission will be fulfilled.

Bill Bright said your most productive years are between 50 and 70 because you finally know what you're doing. You have to get ready for that time period. You need God throughout that whole process. When I get there and all these things happen that I can't understand, it won't matter, because God will be there.

What if God has something infinitely more fulfilling for you than what you're thinking of?

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