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Dreamers Finish With Honor
Miles McPherson - August 29, 2004

Message Recap

Miles began by announcing that we have received our conditional use permit. This past Thursday, August 26, there was a hearing at the San Diego City Council Chambers downtown. The hearing was held to decide if a previous decision to grant the Rock access to move into Liberty Station should be upheld. That previous decision was appealed by a small group of people. After hearing arguments from both sides the Planning Commission voted unanimously to uphold the previous decision, giving the Rock Academy and Church a permanent home.

Next, Miles mentioned that we will be having a church rally on Saturday, September 11 in which Miles will share the new vision for our church and introduce a new small group model that will help us fulfill that vision.

This week's message from Genesis 49-50 ends our seven month study on Genesis, the book of beginnings, and six week study on Joseph, the dreamer. Next week, we're going to review everything that we learned in Genesis.

Where To Begin

When you have an idea, one of the toughest things is knowing where to begin. One valuable thing you can do is begin to plan with the end in mind. Then work backwards and develop a strategy to fulfill what you hope to accomplish.

Don't forget yourself in the process. Remember to ask yourself what kind of attitude you need. If your attitude is right, nothing can break you.

Dreamers Honor Their Heritage

When Jacob died, he asked that Joseph bury him with fathers, in a place that honors his heritage and the promise God made to him and to his descendants. God told Abraham in Genesis 12:2, I will make you into a great nation and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing.

Don't forget where you came from, and don't forget how God has changed you or where He is taking you. But don't dwell on the past; allow it to encourage you as it pertains to obeying and honoring God in the present.

In the Last Samurai, the warriors in the movie live up to a moral code that is above them, and the whole purpose of their lives is to serve and commit themselves to be the best at whatever their skill is. Imagine what it what would look like to live for Christ in the same manner.

Dreamers Honor the Dream's Purpose More than their Own Interests

Don't allow daily worries to rob you of your joy. There's no need. We know what the end of the movie is. God wins. It's silly to get lost in the day to day troubles when, in the end, the outcome is in our favor.

Dreamers Honor the Dream's Legacy

If your dream is from God, it will outlive you. If you are fulfilling God's purpose for your life, your dream will outlive you and save people long after you're gone. In Erik Erikson's Eight Ages of Man, the desire to invest in something above you is part of stage 7, and is known as generativity.

The dream that God has for your life isn't just for your life or for your time. God has a bigger plan for you. God doesn't make junk. He knitted you together in his womb. Isaiah 44:2

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