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Holified - Part 8, Practical Holiness
Miles McPherson - March 12, 2006

Message Recap

Throughout the Book of Leviticus, the Lord speaks to Moses and lays out the plan of holiness for the children of Israel.

He gives them rules for living that will set them apart from the rest of the world; rules that are intended to make His people into a living sacrifice to Him…a sweet fragrance unto God.

In daily living, just as the priests were commanded by God to live a certain way, so too are we expected to honor the Lord in every instance in our lives.

Speak to all the congregation of the children of Israel, and say to them: "You shall be holy, for I the Lord your God am holy." Leviticus 19:2

1. Practical holiness places God above personal affairs.

He is everything to us, or He is nothing.

The Lord called on the priests to be separated, even from among their own people, as an example…"a chief man among his people;" that their service to the God would be without blemish. The priests were not to be defiled by the practices that were, otherwise, acceptable to others so as to put Him first in all they did.

We are His royal priesthood, as well. God wants to be the center of our universe. He sets us apart from sin that we may draw near and honor Him with the first fruits of ourselves.

2. Practical holiness honors the body as the temple of God.

Our effectiveness for Him depends on our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical ability to answer His call and be ready for His voice.

No man of your descendants in succeeding generations, who has any defect, may approach to offer the bread of his God. For any man who has a defect shall not approach. Leviticus 21:17-18

No Levite with a physical defect, although he was amongst the priesthood, was allowed to go before God with the offerings. He could partake of it afterward, but was not allowed before Him.

As rough as this sounds, God set the grounds for His holiness to be understood. The Lord expects perfection from his believers.

Our effectiveness for Him depends on our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical ability to answer His call and be ready for His voice. Our bodies are temples of the Lord, not to be defiled but instead, to be vessels for His purpose.

3. Practical holiness translates into excellence in our professional duties.

In boxing, the title of "pound for pound" best goes to the fighter who's skills have proven him as the top of his weight class while showing that if it were at all possible for that fighter to gain, say, 60lbs and move up a class or two, he would be just as sturdy.

"Pretty Boy" Floyd Mayweather Jr. whose professional record is 35 wins and no losses, with 24 of those wins coming by way of knock-out has held titles in both the super featherweight and lightweight classes. His excellence in the ring has proven him as one of the best boxers ever by handily defeating the best fighters in his two weight divisions.

God wants the best we have to offer. Not all folks are willing to lace up the gloves and go ten rounds. Then again, not many of us could stand in front of a packed church and sing worship.

What we can do is give the Lord a return on his creation by giving back to Him the best we've been given. This pleases God. The skills He has blessed us with are a form of worship when we give it to Him.

Be clean, be excellent and be set apart, honoring the Living God with your life.


This 11-part series takes us through a study of the book of Leviticus which outlines for us what holy living is all about, living in the boundaries God has set for us. Holiness is a quite a word that holds heavy meaning. Today’s message helps us to see how we can live holy lives simply.

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