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Holified - Leviticus Quiz
Miles McPherson - April 30, 2006

Message Recap

It is quiz time again at the Rock and Pastor Miles is reminding the congregation of its intended purpose, to Save, Equip and Send.

First part being done in each of us, the quiz serves to continuously help equip so that we may be sent. With Bibles put away, Miles calls the congregation to the "Booty-Back" position, advising those new to the church that this is the position to be seated in when taking a quiz, seated with back straight and ready to go.

Genesis - Book of beginnings. Beginning of the Earth and the Heavens, Sin, and Marriage. Exodus is about the exit from Egypt. Miles touches on life of Moses, born with a death sentence on his head was placed in an ark by his mother, raised for 40 years in Egypt, spent 40 years in the desert and then led the Jews in the desert for 40 years.

After a few months of being in the desert, arriving at Mount Sinai, Moses receives the Ten Commandments and also writes the book of Leviticus. Miles points out that Leviticus is an Old Testament book about Holiness, which teaches the Jewish people how to be set aside for a divine purpose.

How God Uses Numbers

The relevance of numbers is a constant theme throughout the message, the number twelve being the number of Governmental perfection. Some examples of the number 12 being number of hours in the day, night, constellations in the heavens, sons of Israel and Disciples of Christ.

Next to be pointed out is the number three. Levi was the 3rd son of Jacob, Leviticus is the 3rd book, and Levi had 3 sons. The descendants of Levi were the Levites.

Leviticus was not just about holiness, but also about LP LP; Laws Pertaining to Levitical Priests. Miles makes a side note that the reason he repeatedly touches on Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, whose name was changed to Israel, is because there is to be no mistaking what God we Christians believe on, it is the same God as the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Back to Leviticus, there are three things to be aware of concerning Holiness. They are that God is Holy, we are to be Holy and God makes us Holy. Importance is focused on realizing that we don't make ourselves Holy, which is Self-Righteousness or "Me-ism". We only put ourselves in a position for God to do His work in us.

Moses had a brother name Aaron who was the first High Priest and only Aaron's sons could be the priests. The book of Leviticus was specifically given to the Priests, as they were to be the "go between" for man and God. Leviticus was what taught the priests how to teach the people to be Holy. Though there were other descendants of Levi, only the sons of Aaron could be priests. But we Christians are called to be the Priests and act as the go between for God and the world and remember that the book of Leviticus is a part of the foundation that points to Jesus.

The Four C's

An important point about offerings is the they had to be "selected according to God's Standards."

Miles points to four "C" words that we are to be aware of: Called, Cleansed, Clothed and Consecrated. The priests were as we have also been, Called out of the crowd, Cleansed by the blood, Clothed in righteousness and Consecrated, set aside by God.

The next point of review was concerning Offerings, being "that which brings near." When we give an offering to God, that offering gives us access and brings us near to God. An important point about offerings is the they had to be "Selected according to God's Standards." Miles makes use of the Sanford and Sons' theme music, pointing out that when we bring an offering to God, it could not be junk. Offerings were selected according to God's standards and were to be without blemish.

God gave the Law and said no one is justified by the Law. Because of the Law, we are to realize that there is no way out of how trapped we are by sin. But, the law also points to Jesus who is our way out from under the Law. All things in the Old Testament, being the foundation, point to Jesus.

To the relevance of numbers again, Miles points out that seven is the number of Completeness. Seven Days in a week and the existence of the multiples of seven in the gestation period of many creatures. Also pointed out was eight being the number of super abundance, also the day when Christ rose from the grave.

The seven feasts of Israel pointed to Jesus and the evidence that He would fulfill the Old Testament.

The Seven Feasts

  1. Passover - Jesus, our Passover lamb, died for our sin. Just as the Jews took the lamb into their houses and bonded with it so that they would love the lamb, so God sent His lamb, whom He loved, to be slain so that the Angel of Death would Passover us!
  2. Feast of Unleavened Bread - Jesus removes the leaven or impurity from our hearts.
  3. First Fruits - Christ as our first fruit is a deposit on our resurrection.
  4. Pentecost - On the New Testament Pentecost, Jesus sent the Holy Spirit.
  5. Trumpet - With the sound of a trumpet, Jesus will call us to Himself.
  6. Day of Atonement - Jesus, our Great High Priest, covers over our sins. On this day of we are reminded of "At One Ment" as atonement is the joining of two things, which were separated.
  7. Tabernacles - Reminding the children of Israel that they traveled for forty years in booths, points to our eternal dwelling in heaven.

The year of Jubilee represents eternal rest and the complete forgiveness of all debt. Being reminded again of the evidence of God's coordination as Miles points out that as Pentecost is seven times seven days plus one, so is Jubilee seven times seven years plus one. So every time you read a number in the Bible, look to the significance of the number, pointing out that ten is the number of "Ordinal Perfection".

Why We Need to Be Ready

You never know when God will put an opportunity in front of you!

With the completion of the review and the speedy re-review of the quiz, Miles asks the congregation "What is the point?" The point is that many people come to church for their weekly boost. But, those people do not take with them what they learn, often forgetting before the week is half gone, and are unprepared others come and question the Bible.

Pointing to the "Da Vinci Code", reminding us that there will be those who come against us with what the book and movie say and if we are unprepared, then how can we confront those lies?

Miles points out that it is our responsibility to be prepared for these battles and to practice during the week, for you never know when God will put an opportunity in front of you!


This 11-part series takes us through a study of the book of Leviticus which outlines for us what holy living is all about, living in the boundaries God has set for us. Today’s message reviews the important lessons learned throughout the study of the book of Leviticus.

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