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Code Breakers - Part 3, Code of Conspiracy
Miles McPherson - June 4, 2006

Message Recap

Sunday's message was the third in the Code Breakers series that investigates the Da Vinci Code's claims disputing the authenticity of the Bible.

On Sunday, Pastor Miles showed even more reasons why the secret code just doesn't translate.

1. The Bible is Honest

First off the Bible is brutally honest about how bad people are at times, even the good people. The heroes of the bible have had their sins exposed.

A great example of this was King David who desired another man's wife, Bathsheba, and after having her King David arranged for the husband to be killed in battle while defending their kingdom.

  • This is the same King David that God had brought up from a mere herder of livestock.
  • This is the same King David that defeated the giant Goliath, saving God's people from enslavement.
  • This is the same King David that God says is a man after my own heart. Acts 13:22

The great King David the Bible acknowledges committed adultery and murder.

Another example is that of Thomas, one of Jesus's disciples who didn't believe that Jesus had come back from the dead.

Again this was one of Jesus's own disciples. But Jesus appeared to Thomas and instructed his doubting disciples to touch his hands where the nails where run through him as proof. John 20:26-28

2. Jesus in the Old Testament

The king and everyone with him could clearly see that there was a fourth person in the furnace with them.

Second the Messiah is not only described in the Old Testament but was actually in the Old Testament repeated times showing that Jesus was active long before his arrival in Bethlehem.

Daniel 3:23-25 is the story of King Nebuchadnezzar and how he ordered three men; Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-Nego to be thrown in to a furnace.

Yet when they were in the furnace not only were there men not consumed by the flames, the king and everyone with him could clearly see that there was a fourth person in the furnace with them.

This is just one of many examples that Pastor Miles has shown to his church of Jesus being active in the Old Testament.

3. The Disciples Died for their Beliefs

Of the twelve disciples, eleven were martyred for their belief in Jesus as the son of God.

Jesus's followers confessed him as the Lord and the Messiah repeatedly even though for millions it meant a horrible death.

Pastor Miles shared a story, one that I heard years ago about a bible study being conducted in a communist land where such gatherings were not allowed.

Soldiers broke into the room with guns drawn and told everyone that if anyone continued the study that they would be shot. Some people quickly left yet others stood solid in their belief while facing death.

After the doors closed and those that remained were prepared to meet their fate the soldiers put their guns down and said that now that the weak believers were gone the true believers, which the soldiers were as well, could continue with their bible study.

Code Breakers

This 6-part series explores the claims made in the Da Vinci Code and how the Bible answers its accusations, demonstrating the authenticity and accuracy of God’s Word. Today’s message takes an in depth look at what the Bible as a whole reveals about who Jesus really is.

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