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Road Trip - Part 2, Leave Your Junk Behind
Miles McPherson - August 6, 2006

Message Recap

This week, Pastor Miles continued in the study of the book of Numbers and how it applies to our lives. Numbers is about the Jews’ physical journey from Mount Sinai to the plains of Mohab on their way to the Promised Land.

More than that, it is about their spiritual journey: from bondage to freedom. It also shows us that we each have our own spiritual road trip to travel in our lives.

Packing for the Trip: What to Leave Behind

On a road trip, you must be sure to pack what you need, but more importantly to not pack unnecessary stuff. In a spiritual sense, we must leave behind the world and only take things with us that will bring honor to God.

Pastor Miles referred to the Nazirites-- a name that comes from the verb nazar which means to separate. A Nazirite would vow to make a separation from some worldly desire or item to make them closer to God.

Unbiblical Reasoning

In order for us to do this, we must first leave behind all unbiblical and irrational reasoning, although this is always harder than it sounds, as so many unbiblical things can be rationalized.

Part of this is surrounding yourself with people that are dedicated to living based on biblical principles, and not with people that say what you want to hear.

Personal Happiness

God will put things in our lives to make us holy, but not always happy.

Pastor Miles also instructed us to also leave behind our requirements for personal happiness.

God will put things in our lives to make us holy, but not always happy. It is important to remember that if something happens that we don’t like or if something is taken away that we want, complaining is not the right approach.

Instead, we should ask if we have these things in the first place, and more importantly, if these things are holy.

The devil will give us a false sense of security in life and we have to ensure that we are listening to God, not the enemy.

Jesus himself says in Matthew 10:34, Do not think that I came to bring peace on earth. I do not come to bring peace but a sword.

Loyalty to Men

Another element of this means leaving behind your loyalty to man over God. This may mean you have to give up some family and friends if they aren’t with God, as they could try to make you compromise your faith.

Again, Jesus speaks of this in Matthew 10:36, And a man’s enemies will be those of his own household.

No Pity Parties

Finally, we all must leave behind our pity party accessories.

But there is good news: When you make a mistake, God does give you a second chance. When you do make a mistake, you must fight for your holiness and never let the devil convince you that you have lost.

Never give up, as God is cheering for you no matter how many times you fail!

Road Trip

This 10-part series examines the book of Numbers uncovering how God’s story in history applies to our story today. Much like the Jews physical journey in the book of Numbers we all have a spiritual journey to travel that requires us to abandon worldly desires.

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