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Road Trip - Part 9, Leaving a Spiritual Legacy
Miles McPherson - September 24, 2006

Message Recap

Before we started the service Pastor Miles had a wonderful treat for his congregation as he interviewed a few of our own San Diego Chargers and discussed their faith in God.

In addition to this, the Rock held a ministry fair, an open opportunity for everyone in the Rock community to learn about ways they can serve the church and the San Diego community.

This week, we near the end of our journey through the book of Numbers, the book of numbering, wandering and complaining. Pastor Miles brought up the fact that as we end our journey we need to leave a legacy that produces eternal spiritual fruit.

At this point, we have followed the Jews through their long 40-year journey to the Promised Land, where they have arrived at the plains of Moab. This is the location of the second census. Today we focused on chapter 26 of Numbers which is the results of the census.

Leave a legacy of spiritual leadership, not natural leadership

A good way to become a spiritual leader is to get involved in a small group and ministry.

In Numbers 26 we see the results of this census as each family is listed and counted.

Numbers 26:9-11 gives a detailed account of the children of Korah. This family had challenged Moses' leadership during this wandering of the Jews, and as a result all those that had challenged Moses were swallowed by the earth. This story is retold quickly in Numbers 26:9-11.

Pastor Miles pointed out that we are sometimes remembered for what we do; whether good, or bad--as in this case of Korah and Aaron's sons. Aaron's sons made a sacrifice to God while intoxicated, displeasing God and resulting in their death. Numbers 26:59-62

Jesus started our church so that we could be a light to the community and help others. To do so, we must focus on spiritual leadership, not natural leadership as Aaron's sons or the Korah family. A good way to become a spiritual leader is to get involved in a small group and ministry, where you will be challenged and your faith will grow

Reach Out

On the Rock website there is a directory for the various small groups available to us. Some of these small groups specialize in for woman, men, students and more.

Also on is a list of the various ministries that we can participate in so that we as a church can reach out to the community and spread the word of God and his promise to us. There is a large list of various ministries to participate in ranging from alter call ministries to writing ministries.

Some of the unique ministries we have available are rock climbing, finance, surf, volleyball and fitness and nutrition just to name a few. There are so many ministries to choose from, it may be hard to pick just one or two to participate in!

Road Trip

This 10-part series examines the book of Numbers uncovering how God’s story in history applies to our story today. In the book of Numbers, we learn the importance of being a spiritual leader, in which we are challenged and grow in our faith.

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