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Divided Nations
Tommy Moseley - October 15, 2006

Message Recap

This week we had a humbling message from Pastor Tommy Moseley who was filling in for Miles.

For I was hungry and you gave Me food; I was thirsty and you gave Me drink: I was a stranger and you took Me in: I was naked and you clothed Me; I was sick and you visited Me; I was in prison and you came to Me. Matthew 25:35-36

Pastor Tommy reminded us that God's word doesn't always say what we want it to say. In fact many times it says what we don't want it to say.

Matthew 25:31-46 is a prime example as God instructs us how to treat our fellow man, including the homeless and outcast. Sometimes these people smell and are mentally incapacitated. But 1 Corinthians 4:1 clearly says Moreover it is required in stewards that one be found faithful.

Pastor Tommy admitted to the congregation that he wasn't comfortable helping some people sometimes; that's certainly something I could relate to; probably something everyone can relate to.

Sheep and Goats

Although we like to do what we feel is comfortable this is not always what we have to do.

Matthew 25:35-36 also speaks of how Jesus will separate the sheep; loyal followers from the goats; the not so good followers. The sheep that obeyed him will be sent into His kingdom, while the goats… well… they won't.

Although we like to do what we feel is comfortable this is not always what we have to do, nor what we should do to please our Lord.

Pastor Tommy gave some insight about his past when he spoke about raising a goat. He had a goat as a young man and found that the goat didn't obey, follow instructions, or even seem to know that it was a goat. This is why Jesus used goats in his parable. Goats do their own thing, just like people, not realizing that they are goats, or in our case, sometimes not realizing that we are sinners or that we are not obeying the word of God.

Loving the Unlovable

As 1 John 4:20 so obviously points out, to be a disciple of Christ we must love the unlovable. We must extend ourselves to help those in need of our help; even if we don't like the idea, the person, or the situation.

Pastor Tommy told of a story while he was ministering in Canada and the group he was with was sharing the gospel to a homeless man who didn't want to hear them. But this homeless man threw down the challenge and told the group to let him stay in their hotel room with them. One of the members agreed while Pastor Tommy tried to signal no.

How much are we willing to give? Is it just what is comfortable? Jesus may say, actually will say that it isn't enough. We have to be ready to give. God has sent us to heal the broken hearted. Are we doing it?

This Message

To be a follower of Christ calls us to love the unlovable, not always an easy task, but not impossible.

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