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MObedience MOmentum - Part 1, Mo of the Same
Miles McPherson - October 29, 2006

Message Recap

This week was the first of a four-week series through the book of Deuteronomy, titled "MObedience MOmentum".

This week we are challenged to remember all the times God has been faithful in the past, so we will have no reason to doubt Mo' of the same from Him in the future.

Ancient Treaty Format

There is a general format for how treaties used to take place in Old Testament days. God followed that same format when spelling out to the Israelites his plan for them as a nation.

Prologue:I have been a good God to you. Deuteronomy 1-3
Stipulations:You need to obey me.Deuteronomy 4-26
Document clause:Do not forget to study the rulesDeuteronomy 27
List of Witnesses:I have witnesses to this agreement
Blessings and Curse:What if scenariosDeuteronomy 28
Recapitulations:Final summary and warningDeuteronomy 29-30

1. Since God keeps His Promises, we should trust Mo' of the same. Deuteronomy 1:1-8

God is calling us, ever calling us to the deeper, better things of life. And when God calls, he doesn't ever leave us hanging. But, His calling is more than just a "come and do what I say." Everything God calls us to is packed full of good promises. For every good promise fulfilled by God, there are more, better promises waiting to be filled by Him.

At the forefront of everything God calls us to do; having a relationship with Him is priority number one. He is not a God who says, "Do this because I tell you to." By calling us to trust Him and abide within Him, He is saying, "Do this, because I will give you life and joy and peace and everything your heart desires." He wants to make our lives the absolute best they can be.

God is calling us to life. Life within Him, abiding with Him, is what makes all the struggles and challenges and joys and sorrows and victories worth living. This life will only make sense when we are living with God 100%.

God keeps His promises, and the mo' promises He keeps the mo' we can walk in trust that He will continue keeping them.

2. Since God removes distracting internal obstacles, trust Mo' of the Same. Deuteronomy 1:29-36, 4:1-3

External obstacles are easily identified: financial challenges, work hardships and even spiritual attacks from outside of our person.

But it is the internal struggles - many times, involving a negative relationship - that God wants to remove so that we may live free, unfettered lives. If there is no enemy within, the enemy without cannot hurt us. In our walk through Numbers and Deuteronomy, we remember that God removed those people from inside the Israelite community that were causing spiritual distractions to everyone.

Bad Spies were removed from the assembly as were those who sinned sexually. Deuteronomy 1:34-36, Deuteronomy 4:1-3

At times, we must allow God to lead us away from specific people, so that we will not be affected by them. Negative influences really do bring us down. Being around the wrong people will affect us for bad - not good. When we are freed from relational distractions, then we are freed to live the abundant life He is calling us to.

3. Since God defeats external enemies greater than us, trust Mo' of the Same. Deuteronomy 3:1-11

God is always reminding us that no enemy, no matter how large, can ever overcome us as we abide in Him.

God is always reminding us that no enemy, no matter how large, can ever overcome us as we abide in Him. Fear is the great lock that will keep our hearts chained up and in slavery to the weaknesses in our lives. The reason the Israelites did not enter the Promised Land 38 years earlier is because they feared the giants. Numbers 13-14

God wants us to walk in faith, hope and love with Him, ever-free of fear, doubt and insecurity. God's promises are ever present; they are not going anywhere. But, accepting those promises is up to us. They are right in front of us at this very moment - free of charge and priceless to our souls. How long will we wait to allow God to do for us what we cannot do for ourselves? How long will we try to do for ourselves what only God can do?

Soul winner so what: Think back on your life, how many years you have ignored a faithful and loving God. If he has sustained you while you were his enemy, how much more would He bless you if you surrendered to Him?

Homework: Based solely on the evidence of God's past faithfulness, increase your faithfulness in one area of your life and document God's continued faithfulness

Extra credit: In Deuteronomy 2, God protect the land of Moab and Ammon. Who were these people, and why were they protected? See Genesis 19.

MObedience MOmentum

This 7-part series takes us through the book of Deuteronomy showing a beautiful picture of God’s faithfulness, and what a response to His faithfulness looks like. When we look at the character of God, we observe unchanging goodness, showing that we can wholly trust God in all circumstances.

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