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Eternal Trust - Part 2, Eternal Plan
Miles McPherson - January 14, 2007

Message Recap

God's business is building His Kingdom here on earth. Man uses brick, mortar, money, connections and power to build earthly kingdoms. God builds His Kingdom with people.

To ensure that The Rock doesn't lose focus on what God has called it to do, there are the Rock Mission and Vision statements.

Rock Church Mission Statement: The Rock Church exists to save, equip and send out soul winners for Jesus Christ

Rock Church Vision Statement: The vision of the Rock Church is to be a powerful evangelistic force that engages every segment of society as a motivated ARMY of believers in Jesus Christ. We are wholeheartedly committed to using our gifts anywhere, at anytime to share the gospel, while influencing and transforming our culture. This "force" will evangelize San Diego and empower other churches to use this ministry model around the world.

What makes the Rock unique? (Being evangelistic and biblical is a given)

  1. We are a non-traditional group of people; ever changing to find what works.
  2. We build a fun atmosphere, in which to experience the Christian life.
  3. We are young minded; though the rock includes people of ALL ages (young and old), we retain a youthful energy about us. The Kingdom of God is a HIGH ENERGY place to be. We do not view our individual ages as being synonymous with the way we should view HOW we live our lives (energetic and young-minded).
  4. We are a passionate group of people. With passion comes life-power. With Kingdom living comes much passion. God is a passionate God, fiercely loving his children and wanting to see them growing to full maturity.
  5. We are direct and simple in our teachings and dealings with one another. While many organizations do not know what they are about, the Rock is very clear on its specific focus; save, equip and send. Everything the Rock does begins and ends with its simple - yet profound - mission statement.
  6. We are an inclusive church; Take look around on Sunday morning. You will find numerous ethnic, socio-political and financial groups represented. But you will also notice there is a blending of these people. No group is ever treated special for any standing that the world considers "important." The Rock includes everyone and allows each person's giftings to shine forth.
  7. We are transparent. Good and bad attributes alike are shared. Problems and praises, joys and sorrows, ups and downs. We are a group that realizes life is life and part of life if facing the challenges together. We are transparent and will be REAL with each other.
  8. We are a challenging church. God commands us to always be growing and maturing. The Rock is continually challenging people to be MORE involved in the Kingdom life; growing, sharing and ministering. The church is only as strong as its most immature person. Therefore, we are challenging the whole church to keep on growing.
  9. We are my world centric. Many churches are reaching the uttermost parts of the globe, but not taking care of business at home. The Rock does things from the inside out. We start with the neighbor next door and work out from there… to the uttermost parts of the earth.

The Roles of the Church Body

Do and Teach Evangelism; our primary step in building God's Kingdom is to evangelize - to share God with those who do not know him. This is done in a corporate setting (Sunday morning services) all the way down to one on one evangelism (friends sharing with friends).

1. Senior Pastor

Lead and feed the church by implementing the Lord's vision for the church. Every organization needs leaders. One leader is the Sr. Pastor. God uses Pastors to care for His church. Caring includes leading his people closer to God himself and to feed people those deeper truths of God that are found in the Bible.

2. Staff

Train the saints for ministry. Exodus 18:19-23, Ephesians 4:11-13. One pastor is not sufficient to serve and lead an entire church. Therefore, the Rock employs people who can work full-time to better equip the church to save, equip and send.

3. Church Members

Fulfill your discipleship responsibility - Ephesians 2:10, Matthew 4:19 Kingdom life is not about what you do for God. Kingdom life is about serving Jesus, in whatever capacity he calls you, with the fullness of your heart, mind and soul. Serving Jesus wholeheartedly can only be done with a constant and ever-growing, PERSONAL relationship with him. The success of the church is ultimately measured by how close each person is to Jesus Christ.

This is what the Rock is about. We are reaching out to the entire city of San Diego. We have a big job to do. But, we are a church; the only organization that has been ordained by God, the creator of the universe. We are in the right place to accomplish a big job.

Eternal Trust

As followers of God our lives have a unique everlasting purpose. This 4-part series challenges us as a church to live our lives wholly trusting in God who is wholly invested in us. In reviewing the Rock mission and vision, Pastor Miles exhorts us in our role in the church body to serve Jesus wholeheartedly.

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