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Eternal Trust - Part 3, Eternal Plan
Miles McPherson - January 21, 2007

Message Recap

This is the third message in the Eternal Trust series. Next week, after all the services we will be having the Ministry Fair. Come ready to find a great ministry to serve in.

At is a test to determine what your own spiritual gifts are, or gifts that God has given you. it is important to properly identify these gifts but Miles didn't start with that at the sermon on Sunday.

If we were given $1,000 to invest and had an option of interest rates for it to grow at which would we choose? The highest rate possible. If we took that $1000 and put in a CD or something at 100% for ten years did you know we would get a return of over a million dollars? ($1,000,000)

Our Gifts and Talents

Now God has given us gifts and talents and has commanded us to be fruitful and to produce. In fact he expects supernatural growth.

Miles pointed out that when ever Jesus told a parable and referred to us as an animal (usually a sheep or goat) is usually pointing out how bad we are or stubborn or some other undesirable quality.

Now Jesus also referred to us in parables as fruit and for good reason. A fruit tree produces fruit which has a seed in it (many times multiple seeds) to produce more fruit. Now if fruit are to represent people, saved people, then God is telling us to save more people. And that is why God has given us talents.

And our talents have amazing potential. We don't need to settle for investing ourselves at 10% or 20% when we can get a return on us at 100% or more. But first…

We need to receive our gifts and our salvation will bring forth our talents, but we aren't done yet. We still have to identify them.

Seven Spiritual Gifts

Now there are basically 7 spiritual gifts. Take the online gifts test to to help identify yours.

Even if you think you know your gift you probably want to go to the site to ensure which one it is as sometimes we think we know and it turns out we were in error. This is actually extremely important because if we identify our gifts wrong and try to apply them we aren't getting the full potential out of us.

For example say I think my gift is showing mercy so I try to help a brother by giving him compassion however my gift is actually encouraging. God put me with that person not to give mercy but to give encouragement so I would be doing a disservice to that person and myself if I don't research what my gift is.

The Gifts

Prophesying - this gift is communicating God's message
Serving - this gift serves and assist others
Teaching - just as it sounds; teaching or explaining and communicating the truth clearly
Encouraging - lifting the spirits of someone in their time of need
Giving - someone who enjoys giving to others
Leadership/Administration - someone gifted in leading others
Mercy/Compassion - someone who has immediate and irresistible compassion for people in need.

Now that we have received our gifts and are in the process of identifying it, next week we start to nurture our gift by applying it (remember; use it or lose it) to a ministry. And there just happens to be a ministry fair next week to help us with that (what are the odds!).

Eternal Trust

As followers of God our lives have a unique everlasting purpose. This 4-part series challenges us as a church to live our lives wholly trusting in God who is wholly invested in us. It is important to identify the spiritual gifts God has blessed us with and how we can use those gifts to maximize our talents for His glory.

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