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Dreaming For Destiny
David Cooper - February 4, 2007

Message Recap

This week David Cooper filed in for Pastor Miles and covered an important topic; dreaming and our destiny.

God births dreams, visions and ideas in all of us. His desire is for those dreams to be fulfilled so that we may walk in the destiny for which he created us. The tough part is, how do we get there?

Joseph, the Dreamer

Genesis 37 starts the story of Joseph, a boy who was given great gifts by God, shown a great vision for his life, and suffered what most would consider a personal hell to get to it.

We start out in Genesis with Joseph telling his brothers about his dream where everything, including the sun, moon and stars, bows down to him. This only infuriated his brothers to the point that they threw Joseph into a pit to let him die.

Now while in this pit Joseph no doubt thought of his suffering and could have easily given up on his dreams. Now God gives us dreams but it is up to us to protect them and help them grow even if we are stuck in a pit. First thing we must do is watch out for dream assassins or pits.

The Three Dream Assassins

People will try to steal our dreams and there will be shortcuts present to us, but we can't fall for those.

There are three major assassins to look out for...

First off is people; just like Joseph's brothers, there are lots of people that will steal or destroy our dreams.

The next thing we have to be aware of is places in the pit, not so much places but our state of mind. Joseph could easily have given up after being thrown in the pit and sold into slavery, but He still stuck to God's plan for him and never lost faith.

The final thing we must defend ourselves against is our passions, emotions, fears, inadequacies, bitterness and any other emotions that hinder us.

Now we also have to watch out for dream attractions (or distractions depending how you look at it). There are things out there that will distract us from our dreams (mainly the devil) and we have to stay focused on our dreams to remember what God has planned for us.

People will try to steal our dreams and there will be shortcuts present to us, but we can't fall for those.

Joseph had been promoted to run his master's house. But when his master's wife tried to tempt Joseph, he decided to stick with God's plan and not take that short cut. Genesis 39

Joseph was then thrown in jail but after his time in prison he interpreted a dream for Pharaoh and became the second most powerful man in Egypt this fulfilling his destiny that God had planned for him.

Keeping Our Focus on God

God provides for us but we have to be moving towards our destiny that God has given to us.

We must remember that God's strategy is a good strategy and really the only strategy we need to focus on. Another thing we have to remember is that God's timing is good timing regardless of what we think.

We also have to understand that God does have provisions for our dreams and that there are three major provisions that He gives us... circumstances, finances, and his Word.

Like Joseph he was placed in circumstances that were rather horrible however he couldn't have made it to where he was supposed to go without being sold into slavery and by going to prison later.

Financial provisions are necessary. Pastor David shared an incredible personal story about what happened to him when he needed $50 for rent but God told to give his last $10 to the church.

God provides for us but we have to be moving towards our destiny that God has given to us so that we can receive his provisions for His goal for our lives.

This Message

God gives dreams to all of us. Today’s message explores the keys to making those dreams come to be, through keeping our eyes on Him.

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