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Extreme Home Takeover - Part 1, Don't Flinch
Miles McPherson - March 11, 2007

Message Recap

This is the first of a series called Extreme Home Takeover that covers the book of Joshua.

After RockTV, Pastor Miles started off the night encouraging everyone to go to the Rock website to check out opportunities to "get involved" with us this Easter weekend.

The next thing Pastor Miles did is to ask the church to pray that God would provide for us to pay off the whole building before we move in. By paying off the building, we're able to save money (that would otherwise go to the bank in interest) that we can use to spend to actually do ministry.

So, we're asking that God would do a miracle and that we, as the people of the Rock would be faithful to what God has called us to do.

Don't Flinch

How many of you when you were kids played the game "Don't flinch", where your friend would pretend to punch you. If you blinked you lost.

The book of Joshua covers the story of Joshua, who has now taken over for Moses, and must lead the people to and through the Promised Land.

God has a place of Promise for you… a place of great blessing.

What we're gonna learn in Joshua is that enjoying God's Promise requires a few disciplines. One of these is leadership. Leadership must come from you. You have to be the one to make the right decisions… to pray, to read the Bible, to go to church, etc.


Chazaq means to "to show oneself strong"; the strength of purpose that enables one to withstand fear or difficulty.

Don't be lied to. There will always be difficulty, especially if you're wanting to do what God want you to do. Do you think the devil is gonna stand around and not do anything? Do you think he wants to make things easy for you? No, of course not. You will have to confront fear and difficulty.

1. Even though conquering the land is a big job...

So the question to ask ourselves is, does God have permission to challenge you? Or have you created a bubble around yourself?

Remember success has been ensured from eternity past, therefore, patiently press on until the job is done.

This is not prosperity teaching. This is not "name it and claim it". God wants us to pursue heavenly riches.

We can not always do everything we want. For example, Pastor Miles can never be a singer. But if you know what God wants for your life and you pray for that, He will answer that prayer. It takes obedience and trust though.

What "I can do anything through Christ who strengthens me" really means is that we can do whatever God has strengthened us to do.

So the question to ask ourselves is, does God have permission to challenge you? Or have you created a bubble around yourself? Truth: You will never go into the Promised Land as long as you're in your bubble.

Get rid of your list of excuses. Heaven has no room for excuses. The road will be difficult. There's work to do. Train your self to be prepared to work. God's looking for soldiers. He's not looking for fans.

2. Even though you are tempted to rely on yourself and others.

Remember God has all the answers, therefore, consistently place your trust in the Word's promises.

There are many people who want to know everything when God tells us to do something. That's not how God works. A lot of times He'll only reveal to us a little bit of what we know. God does this so we'll trust Him.

FEAR… False Expectation Appearing Real

80% of what you worry about never happens. The other 20% you can't do anything about.

Don't fear. Pain is way overrated as being bad. We learn a lot through pain.

3. Even though will feel all alone at times.

Remember God will never leave you alone, therefore courageously promote God's agenda.

Prosperity and success is what God has planned for your life. It may be a lot different than what you think. God knows how you can be happy a lot more than you do.

Get your mind off material things. Material things rust and get stolen. Heavenly riches never fade away.

If you read the bible, study it, and do what it says you will have success.

4. Even though there will always be people in opposition of you.

You will never do the best job you can do if you do it by yourself.

Remember God has someone you can count on, therefore, persistently nurture trusted friends.

When God calls you out as a leader of your own life, there are individual human beings that God has designed to support you, educate you, pray for you, and help you. God made us as dependent beings.

So, why would God do that? He has designed us for relationships.

You will never come up with the best idea by yourself. You will never do the best job you can do if you do it by yourself.

Never have just one mentor in your life. Have lots of mentors in lots of different areas… in your spiritual life, in your finances, in your relationships, in your career, in your education, in your health.

Homework: Pick the thing in your life that you're not pursuing that God has called you to. What is that? Why are you not pursuing it. Make a note of it. Begin to challenge that issue. Don't let the devil use that one thing to cheat you out of God's amazing blessing for your life.

Remember: if you don't want to obey God (because for whatever reason, maybe you are already happy with your life), just know that you forfeit God's best.

Extreme Home Takeover

This 9-part series takes us through a study of the book of Joshua, investigating his life, observing the role that God played in His life, and in the history of Israel. Today we examine the importance of listening to the words of God, and not only being hearers, but doing what we hear, thereby being doers of what God tells us.

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