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Easter - The Life Transforming Jesus
Miles McPherson - April 8, 2007

Message Recap

Easter. What's it all about? Colored eggs? Easter egg hunts? Buying a new dress for the Sunday morning church? A holiday? Another "Jesus" story on the news?

While the world would tell us that eggs, dresses and holiday activities are what Easter is all about, the truth is that Easter is a day set aside to remember Jesus' defeating death by dying on the cross.

What the Media says about Easter

The media goes through cycles of newsworthy stories. At Christmas time, all the major networks will run pieces on "The birth of Jesus," or "Who was Jesus really?," or "Mary - could someone else have been Jesus' mother?" The same thing goes for Easter. As the best-selling stories seem to be the ones with the most conflict, Easter pieces read something like "Did Jesus really rise from the dead?"

If you take long-term view of what the differing media publishers and television broadcasts are offering you soon come to realize they aren't into answers (although that is what they offer). The media are into getting you to read, watch or listen to what they have to say. And, as the United States gets deeper and deeper into an anti-Christian posture, these stories will dig up more and more conflict with less and less answers.

Why is it, then, that we continue to look to the media for the one thing they consistently do not give us? Answers. And, why would a free-thinking person allow a group of question-posers (the media) to tell him or her what to think?

As the media is the most powerful information "giver" out there, it's only natural that on a day like Easter, conflict around the resurrection of Jesus Christ would be at the forefront of any news-reading, tv-watching, radio-listening person's mind.

Who Is Jesus Really?

Jesus claimed to be God in-the-flesh. He proved it through miracles, prophecies fulfilled, new prophecies called forth and fulfilled.

And it is there that the individual must face the realistic fork-in-the-road between what is being said about Jesus and what the Bible says about Jesus. Think about it, there are only two view that are being pushed at us; 1) The Bible's view and 2) Everyone else's.

It seems the self-proclaimed role of every media machine out there to contradict, challenge and counter anything the Bible might say. At Easter, the believability of Jesus' resurrection - and, thereby his claim to being God - is in the spotlight.

Easter is a time to re-commit to your values. What do you really believe? Is what the Bible says about Jesus really believable? Is what the media puts forth valid? We live in a question everything era. You have to question what you believe, or think you believe about Jesus.

The story of Jesus has been around for over 2000 years. It hasn't changed. No new information has ever been presented (only media-driven questions). No "new" Bible books have been found.

Jesus claimed to be God in-the-flesh. He proved it through miracles, prophecies fulfilled, new prophecies called forth and fulfilled. And, he proved it by being killed and then coming back to life completely independent of the powers of this world. And then he "disappeared" (what the Bible calls "ascended" to Heaven).

2000 years versus popular media. Can you believe one or the other with certainty?

Or is it more a question of what you will choose to believe?

This Message

Easter is about Jesus. The media paints Jesus with questions and conflict around His resurrection. The Bible shows Jesus as God-in-the-flesh. Which will you believe?

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