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Home Exterminators - Part 6, Mr. Unique
Miles McPherson - August 5, 2007

Message Recap

This is the sixth part in a series on Judges called Home Exterminators. This week we look at the life of Samson, the strong judge with an achilles heel.

Nobody shares your fingerprint. Nobody shares your eyes. Nobody shares your DNA. We all have things in common, we are all constructed basically the same. But unlike cars or computers, you don’t come off of an assembly line and you are unique.

So why try to be like everyone else?

God didn’t make you or I to blend in, go with the flow, or keep up with the Jones. God made us to be unique and we need to act accordingly.

Pastor Miles jumped into the story of Samson and Delilah (Judges 14-16), a story that gives us the perfect example of why we don’t want to, and often can’t, be with the in crowd.

Identify your unique talent.

Now you can do this by going to the gifts test and see where God has made you strong. Take the spiritual gifts test now.

Now in the case of Samson we find out that his talent is strength; seemingly supernatural strength. In Judges 14:6 we read that Samson killed a lion with his bear hands. And later in Judges 15:14 we see that the Spirit of the Lord came mightily upon him and Samson easily broke out the ropes that bound him.

And our talents are no less fantastic but like anything we have to identify them and strengthen them through use and prayer.

Make a unique vow

“…for the child shall be a Nazirite to God from the womb to the day of his death.” Judges 13:7 tells us of the vow about Samson as was directly spoken by the Lord. A Nazirite was held to the highest standards and was to be clean and never cut his hair. Samson was also not to touch anything dead. There are only three Nazirites in the Bible telling you how rare they are.

It is up to us to make our own vow to honor God using our unique talents. More importantly it is important that we keep this vow.

Fight your unique battle.

Who are we meant to help, to support, to free? What are our talents going to be for?

Remember the last few sermons talking about R.O.P.E.D.? As you no doubt recall the children of Israel have once again been oppressed and this time by the Philistines. (if you don’t remember hit the past few sermons to see what I’m talking about). The oppressed children of Israel needed a new Judge, a savior if you will from their oppressors and that is what Samson was going to be called to do.

But what about us? About me? About you? Who are we meant to help, to support, to free? What are our talents going to be for? Talents are used in the battlefield of life. So it is still a battle we must prepare for.

Acknowledge and surrender to God your unique weakness.

We all have wonderful strengths but we also have devastating weaknesses. For Samson it is obviously women; or should I say lust. Judges 14:1-2 tells how Samson saw (not talked to, not introduced, not acquainted with) just saw a woman from the Philistines and told his parents to get her for his bride. His parents tried to talk him out of it but gave in and got Samson his first wife without knowing anything about her other than how she looked. Or as Samson said “…for she pleases me well.”

Now in Judges 16:1 it says Now Samson went to Gaza and saw a harlot there, and went to her. Not much more could be said there.

And it was Samson’s next wife, Delilah that was his downfall.

Miles pointed out that we have weaknesses to make us dependent on God. Our great talents were given to us by God but we are not able to do miraculous things without the help and Spirit of our father. The devil knows our weaknesses too and that is where he will strike as he knows that our strengths he can’t break. And in Samson’s case that one weakness took a super strong man and put him in shackles with his eyes torn from his head. A mere example of how exploiting a weakness; any weakness, can destroy our own lives.

Home Exterminators

This 6-part series delves into the book of Judges, examining several different characters, and how their stories are relevant for our lives today. Through the story of Samson we learn that we are unique individuals with unique gifts. But we also have weaknesses that help us to recognize our need for God.

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