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Image is Everything - Introduction
Miles McPherson - August 26, 2007

Message Recap

In our first week in the new building we began a new series entitled, Image is Everything.

Pastor Miles showed us, based on Scripture in Genesis 1:26-31, what image is according to how God created us. Developing an acrostic based on the word Image we can catch a clearer glimpse of who we are as created by God.

In the world in which we live, it is easy to be influenced by what society says our image should be. However, if we base our image on what the world says, we set our standards low.

We are all influenced by what people and culture says we should do to improve our image. However, as Pastor Miles McPherson showed us, we should not care what people and culture tells us to be like because we were made to be like God.

In the first book of Genesis we see that God created us in His image.

Individual Personality

There is no other person just you like in this world.

The letter "I" in the word Image shows that God created us with individual personalities.

There is no other person just you like in this world. Not one person has the same plan for their lives from God. We are all individuals.

Psalm 139:14 states, I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

Moral Mirror

The letter "M" in the word Image stands for Moral Mirror.

We are created by God to be a moral mirror designed to reflect God's holiness.

Scripture instructs us to be holy, to live lives set apart for God, because God is Holy. According to Pastor Miles, to be set-aside for a designed purpose.

Authority to Rule

The letter "A" in the word Image stands for Authority.

In Genesis 1 we see that when God created man, He created man with the authority and responsibility to rule.

God placed man to rule over the earth and the animals. However, God did not give dominion to man over people. He intended for man to have control over environment.

God wants man to create an environment where people can grow and develop. We were not created to control other people.

God's Friend

God created people in His image to be His friends.

The letter "G" stands for "God's friend."

God created people in His image to be His friends.

In the Gospel of John we see Jesus tell us that there is no greater love than a man who lays down his life for his friends.

Jesus calls those who follow Him in obedience His friends. And Jesus laid down His life for those He created.

Eternal Spirit

Lastly the letter "E" stands for eternal.

God created us to be eternal spirits.

With Christ there is no "until death do us part". We are eternal friends; we have a never-ending relationship with Him.

Image is Everything

We are the only beings on earth uniquely made in God's image. This 8-part series shows us the responsibilities of bearing the image of God. Pastor Miles created an acronym for Image helping us to see who God made us to be.

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