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Image is Everything - Part 5, The Image Symbol
Miles McPherson - October 7, 2007

Message Recap

A calling card is what someone famous is known by. So what is Jesus's calling card? Is it the miracles he performed? Walking on water? Healing the sick? Or is it the timeless knowledge that he shared with us in sermons?

Actually His calling card is very simple. It is the cross.

As we continue our exploration through Image is Everything Miles takes a look at the cross and what it means to us.

I. Individual Personality

Obedient Image bearers are symbols of self denial, not self indulgence. What a contrast to what the world teaches with bling and showing off money.

But what did Jesus do? He gave up his life for all of us by being stripped of everything and then nailed to a cross.

Luke 22:42 is Jesus saying, Father, if it is your will, take this cup away from Me; nevertheless not My will, but Yours, be done.

Jesus asked God to take away the horrible death that He had to face; to forgive our sins another way. But then He said let They will be done.

We have to deny what we want and do what God wants for our lives.

M. Moral Mirror

True Image bearers symbolize love, not hate towards their enemies.

True Image bearers symbolize love, not hate towards their enemies.

Forgiveness means we have to forgive wholly and not expect the other person to repent or heal us somehow.

In Luke 23:34 Jesus is being nailed to the cross and he says Father Forgive them, for they know not what they do.

While being unjustly murdered Jesus asks for their forgiveness; even though they don't deserve it. We must be the same way and forgive those who have hurt us.

Miles pointed out too that the soldiers doing these horrific acts were not just doing their jobs but were fulfilling a prophecy that would save us later. So sometimes those that have harmed us may be doing God's will to direct us towards His goals.

A. Authority to Rule

Humble Image bearers become a symbol of God's favor and blessings. A sign was placed over Jesus when he was crucified saying "This is the King of the Jews." And this was written three times; in Latin, Greek and Hebrew.

This was supposed to be a mockery but again was fulfilling a prophecy and it was true; He was the King of the Jews!

In our lives we will have those that say bad or hurtful things about us. Miles pointed out that sometimes these things are true but don't argue, be humble.

G. God's Friend

Trusting Image bearers symbolize a life based on faith in the new covenant.

Trusting Image bearers symbolize a life based on faith in the new covenant.

Through out the old testament God instructs his people on what to do and it is never possible for us as humans to work ourselves to sinlessness. We must be cleansed by Him.

In Luke 22:19-20 Jesus instructs his disciples to remember how they are to remember Him when breaking bread. And the cup he shares in verse 20 is so that we remember the blood he shed so that we would have a sinless life and be able to be God's friend.

E. Eternal Spirit

Victorious Image bearers are a symbol of the hope given to them by the cross.

Faith is what we need to show.

One criminal that was crucified next to Jesus told him to save them both from their pain but denying God's plan for all of us.

The other criminal recognized that he deserved to die but Jesus was innocent.

Then he said, "Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom." Luke 23:42

Jesus responded by saying that because of this man's faith he would be with Jesus in heaven. This man showed faith where none other did including 11 disciples. Jesus rewarded the man's faith. Shouldn't we be striving for the same thing?

Image is Everything

We are the only beings on earth uniquely made in God's image. This 8-part series shows us the responsibilities of bearing the image of God. As image bearers of God, love, selflessness, faith, and hope should be evident in our lives.

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