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Image is Everything - Master Quiz
Miles McPherson - October 21, 2007

Message Recap

This week we wrapped up our Image is Everything series and this was another fun quiz.

We are made in the image of God; not man's, not your cultures, not TV's or anything like that: God's image and His image only. And right now society is trying to destroy the image of God.

I. We are each Individually unique.

We humans are the only creature on the planet that have been made in the image of God. So each of us look like our Lord, the creator of the universe.

Every time you see someone else you are looking at an image of God. So each of us is maaaaarvelous (you should see Miles McPherson say it!). But not only are we in the image of God, but God's word ignites our individuality.

On this web site you can take your spiritual gifts test to see what your unique talent is, the talent that God blessed you with.

We have to be the person that God intended us to be. If we try to be someone else it just won't work. Remember what happened to Adam and Eve as Satan told them that they can be like God if they eat the apple but that failed as they were meant to be themselves; just like you and I.

II. We were made to Moral Mirror and reflect the holiness of God.

Our faith in the Word will frame your moral mirror.

If we are in the image of God then we reflect His Word. We are supposed to reflect the Word and it is our responsibility to trust the written Word of God.

We are the image bearers of love, not hate. Our fellowship with others and involvement in the church helps polish our mirror.

III. We have been given authority and responsibility to rule.

From the beginning, when God created the world and all of it's creatures, He placed us people in charge of all these creatures and more importantly to care for all these things. (Notice I didn't say we had authority to rule over each other.)

God has given us the authority to rule over our environment, but we are to make it an environment for our families and friends to flourish in.

Our image of God is to be reflected in our environment. What would you think about someone whose appearance is immaculate but when you go to their home the yard is overgrown, nothing has been picked up in weeks, dishes have not been done for a month and nobody knows when the trash was taken out.

Your personal image may be great, but are you taking care of your surroundings?

IV. We are intended to be God's Friend.

Friendship with God comes when we obey Him, when we have grown in our faith and do the deeds He has called us to do.

Friendship with God comes when we obey Him, when we have grown in our faith and do the deeds He has called us to do.

But, if we aren't doing what we are supposed to be doing, God will love us but our friendship would be damaged.

If your father tells you to put away some tools and you don't do it, and those tools get damaged for some reason your father would be upset. He would still love you but would discipline you just as our Heavenly Father would do.

V. Eternal Spirit

Pastor Miles has said many times that we are intended to live forever; in one place or another but trusting in His Word secures God's eternal blessings.

But our blurred spiritual image can lead to separation for God and from those eternal provisions that He has provided for us.

We are made in his image and need to focus on our eternal spirit and develop our relationship with God.

Our image is in the image of God, a reflection of our faith and is a mirror to the world.

Image is Everything

We are the only beings on earth uniquely made in God's image. This 8-part series shows us the responsibilities of bearing the image of God. Today we review what we have learned about who we are made in God's image and the responsibilities we carry in that.

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