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Treasure Island - Part 4, Master Quiz
Miles McPherson - January 27, 2008

Message Recap

This weekend Pastor Miles opened the sermon taking a poll via text messages about tithing.

The results of the poll showed that many of those who attend weekend services either do not tithe regularly, or tithe after they pay all of their bills.

Pastor Miles encouraged those of the Rock to learn how to handle their money God's way.

The Rock University is offering a class starting this Friday night teaching us how to handle our finances in a way that honors the Lord. Getting our finances under control really means getting our life under control.

Scripture teaches us to give from the first of our fruits. Scripture also instructs us to give in a cheerful manner.


This weekend we concluded the Treasure Island series by reviewing everything we've learned this far in our rock-style quiz format.

To begin we looked at an acrostic Pastor Miles has been leading us in at the end of the church services for the past few weeks. The acrostic for the word A.W.C.I.P.A is to help us in our prayer time each day.

We begin and end our prayer time spending time admiring and thanking God. Secondly, we spend time waiting quietly before God, listening for His voice, meditating. Thirdly, we confess our sin. It helps to write it down as well. Next, we intercede for others, and than we lay our petitions for ourselves before the Lord.

When we pray we see that God shapes our heart. He wants us to get to a place where when we pray we are praying His will. The more we devote ourselves to prayer, the more He shapes our hearts, and the more our hearts are aligned with His will for our lives.

Island #1

Some of us may be familiar with Island #1 because this is where we have been stuck. Are we willing though to take that step of faith and change?

Are we citizens of heaven, or citizens of earth? Well, it all depends on whose rules we are living by. If we find that we are striving to get rich in material things, it will become apparent that we are living for the world, and that we are merely citizens of earth.

What is the point in striving to get rich in earthly things, for all earthly things will eventually pass away. Earthly riches will rust, be eaten by moths, stolen by evil people, and fly away like eagles. So what is the point in storing up treasures on earth?

Some of us may be familiar with Island #1 because this is where we have been stuck. Are we willing though to take that step of faith and change?

Island #2

On Island #2 God blesses us! What does that look like? Does being blessed by God mean that we have millions of dollars, fancy cars, and big homes? Or does being blessed by God mean that we are happy in Him? God wants us to be rich spiritually. He calls us to invest our earthly riches in His kingdom. That is where we will find true happiness. Earthly things fade away, but the Lord's Kingdom is eternal.

Scripture tells us, that where our heart is, there our treasure will be also. Look at your checkbook, where does your money go? That is where your treasure is!

Choose Your Island

The Island you choose is the master you choose.

The Devil masters Island #1. He wants us to be stuck there, where things pass away, and we are stuck in dysfunction and misery. However, if we choose Island #2, we choose the home of Jesus our Master. He wants to bless us. He wants us to be rich in all spiritual things. He doesn't want to see us stuck striving for earthly riches, but to be content in His blessings.

Where will you choose to reside?

Treasure Island

This 4-part series help us to evaluate where our treasure is and how we view it, thereby challenging us to relinquish our treasure to God's control. Today we review the importance of prayer, tithing, and fasting to our spiritual lives.

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