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The Call
Lou Engle - March 30, 2008

Message Recap

This week was special. Lou Engle took the stage as Pastor Miles was off for the week.

Lou Engle is the visionary and co-founder of The Call solemn assemblies, a movement of prayer gathering young adults to pray and fast for breakthrough and revival.

There was no raising of the Bible this week followed by a victorious shout "WORD!" Very few people if any used their pen. And there was no lesson plan for this week's message.

As many of you are aware in this, the sunshine state, a push is being made to have the California Constitution changed so that marriage will only be between a man and woman. Also the Rock Church has been opposing bill 777 passed by the state for the gender confusion in the public schools.

And there are more bills that are coming which could do far worse to California and effect us as a church, a state and even a nation. Pastor Miles has said it many times before that California is one of the legal examples for this country so what happens here in California tends to continue on in the rest of the union.

Through his scratchy voice Lou talks of dreams; dreams given to him from God for the last 25 years. Lou covered 100 years of amazing coincidences in this state and in this city of ours (you can also go to for even more detailed info).

Lou talked about how he was called to organize massive fasting and prayer rallys to help protect the Unite States which is constantly being attacked; not just physically by outsiders but spiritually from the devil. Lou has organized The Call where people gather for prayer and fasting to change our government; change our lives and bring forth a revival of the Christian spirit.

This is a faceless movement, meant to emphasize Christ our Lord, and that we need to depend on him for change and salvation

This is a faceless movement, meant to emphasize Christ our Lord, and that we need to depend on him for change and salvation. Then, not once but twice Lou prayed some incredibly powerful prayers with us, over us and gave us new energy.

Lou talked about his dreams for California and how this generation is taking the reins not as prophets or evangelist but as nazarites who will set the example for all of us. He gave an example of how it already started a few years ago when Governor Grey Davis was in office but that was just the start and there is so much more to do if we are to turn this country around and get it back from the immorality that is taking it away.

And Lou said that California is going to go through a great revival and it will start in San Diego at Qualcomm Stadium.

This Message

Special Guest Lou Engle co-founder of The Call, shares his dream and passion to be used by God to help stir a revival in California.

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